How to Read the Zodiac Tarot Spread

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How to Read the Zodiac Tarot Spread

This zodiac tarot spread or astrological tarot spread is such a great tarot spread for those who want to get a deeper understanding of themselves.

I usually like to keep my tarot spreads quite simple and often use spreads with fewer cards.  However, there are times that we need those deeper readings and the zodiac tarot spread is a fantastic option.

This spread can be particularly powerful or potent at the start of each year but it may be something that you want to do for yourself on a regular basis such as monthly or quarterly.

The 12 Houses of the Zodiac

This spread looks at the 12 houses of the Zodiac and we draw a card for each and layout as follows:


This card represents the personality that is shown to the world. It’s the image that other people see. As we all know what we present to the world can be very different from what we are actually feeling.  This is a great card if you want to understand why people are reacting to you in a certain way.


This card looks at what makes you feel secure and usually represents the material.  If we are using this spread for a year ahead forecast it may show up what you can expect to happen financially or in the home over the year.


We get an insight into your communication with others with this card.  It can show relationships with friends and family but is more about how you would communicate with them.  It can also give you some insight into what needs to be communicated.  Perhaps there is a lot going on in your head that is not being expressed properly.


Cancerians love their home and family life.  This card will show what you can expect in the home such as moving house, kids fleeing the nest, renovation etc.


This card is the fiery side of life such as love life but Leo is also known to be very creative.  You will get some view of the more fun side of life.  You may see some non-work related activities showing up here and it could also show where you could find your time to shine!


Virgos are so diligent and like to be sure that they dot every i and cross every t.  This card can show the day to day ‘stuff’ that we may consider the daily grind.  It can also show for health-related topics such as eating well or taking regular exercise.  The key is to turn these ‘chores’ into habits so they don’t feel so laborious.


Libra is all about our relationships – good and bad!  We will get a clearer understanding of what the foundation of our relationships are and how we can improve things.  We can also look for love opportunities here and maybe clues into how we can release any love blockages.


We see big life changes when we look into Scorpio.  This can be births, deaths but beyond that, it can be real spiritual or soulful transformation.  We may see somebody questioning why they are here or what their soul’s purpose is.  If you see a major arcana card in this position it will be even more potent.


This can will show our major beliefs but can give us clues into what we need to do to develop our soul even further.  You are looking for higher learning experiences to show up here and you could well get insight into where you could find these lessons.


We are looking to put into practice the lessons that we learned from Sagittarius.  This will affect our reputation and how we can have an impact on others around us.  We get a look at our status in society and maybe there are a few tweaks that we need to make to ourselves if we are not yet where we want to be.


This is our social life and our extended group of friends.  You will see how that group is interacting and get warnings of any issues or reasons to celebrate that could be coming up.


This is an interesting one.  It can show development in psychic or intuitive abilities but there is also a darker side to Pisces.  Maybe we see our greatest fears reflected here  We could also see any anxieties or addictions show up.  These issues are often ignored but good old Pisces will be asking us to face up to these issues and tackle them head-on.

To get a deeper understanding of this spread, please watch the video below and subscribe to my YouTube channel for demonstrations of other tarot spreads.

I hope that you have enjoyed our trip through the zodiac.  Don’t forget that you can download your 6 month tarotscope right here


  1. Hi David, I’am a tarot reader from the Netherlands. I was looking for days for an answer on the internet, but I could’t find the answer.
    I have done some horoscopic tarot spreads before, and they gave me really good answers, laying down the tarot cards in the circle from the 12 house positions.
    But my idea is to start with 12 zodiac cards on the table, and lay down the tarot above.. I saw nobody doing it on the internet.
    I think I found the answer in your example from the zodiac tarot spread, also showing the signs (instead of talking of the houses only)
    I’am new in astrology, just starting with it.

    Best regards,
    Steve Silberberg

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