Am I Better Than Yesterday? – A Tarot Exercise

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Am I Better Than Yesterday?

I was listening to a podcast recently. I would love to give credit but I can’t actually remember. but I’m pretty sure it was Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations – which I love!

The guest was talking about adversity in life and how they were striving for success but had given up on the idea of being perfect. We live in a culture and society where it’s all about perfectionism and quite frankly, that can be exhausting! Think about the way people use social media to portray this ‘perfect’ life. It’s really quite destructive. Where is the authenticity?

One of my goals with tarot is to make a positive difference in people’s lives. This process actually helps me make big improvements in my own life as well. I’m very realistic that there is no such thing as perfect but I’m totally fine with that.

The big question that I ask myself is and that you should ask yourself is:

‘Am I Better than I was Yesterday?’

This is actually a great exercise as it raises our level of self-awareness and makes us question what we could have done better as well as helps up recognise and celebrate our successes.

Tarot Exercise

Here’s a little tarot exercise that can help support you with this:

Ask yourself:

‘Am I better than I was yesterday?’

Answer yes:

‘What did I do that helped me get there?’

Draw a card and take note of the action that helped you move forward.

What successes should I celebrate?

We can be so hard on ourselves and it can be difficult to give ourselves credit for the great work that we do. Recognising your strengths and celebrating these is a huge deal. You can absolutely do this without being arrogant or egotistical. It’s all part of the getting to know yourself process.

I want you to draw a card and let the tarot tell you what you should be celebrating.

Answer no:

What opportunities did I miss? What could I have done differently?

Draw a card to get an understanding of what it is that you could have missed in the day.

Don’t beat yourself up if the answer was no. It’s unrealistic to think that you will experience growth every day. However, it’s important that you acknowledge it and keep moving forward. Don’t let this drag you down.

What should I do tomorrow?

Draw a card.

I love me an action card in a reading! My goal is empowerment and I feel that an action card can help guide us toward that higher purpose or potential.

This card should give you a clear idea of the energy that you should focus on the next day.

Draw Card – What is my higher purpose?

I think it’s always good to keep an eye on our higher purpose. We so often get caught up in our day to day that we forget to check in on the grand plan. Remember that this can shift over time so don’t get hung up on what card you get.

I’ve put together a little video of how this exercise can work for you:

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