4 Ways To Answer a Yes/No Question Using Tarot

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Yes/No Tarot Spreads

I’m not a huge fan of Yes/No questions when it comes to tarot reading.  The main reason is that I don’t believe the future is set in stone and believe that there are so many moving parts it’s impossible to say that a ‘yes’ right now will remain a ‘yes’ in a months time.  However,  I’m a realist and appreciate that sometimes you just want a quick answer to those questions….”should I take that job?” or “should I put my house on the market?”

I actually don’t mind doing this type of reading at all but I always make it clear that things can change.

There are a number of clever spreads to help answer yes/no questions.  Some are really simple and others have a bit more meat to them.

The 5 Card Yes/No Spread

I first heard about this spread from Barbara Moore http://www.tarotshaman.com who was being interviewed on the Biddy Tarot Podcast – www.biddytarot.com/47

This is a very cool spread that gives you a bit more information than a straight yes or no.

The premise is that major arcana and even numbers are a yes.  Odd numbers and court cards are a no.  You draw 5 cards which means that there won’t be a draw.

It’s rare that you will get 5 straight yes or no but if you do then it’s a definite.  If you get 3/2 I would class this as a yes/no but more in the maybe category.

There are a few anomalies and this is where it comes down to interpretations.  Even though Aces are odd numbers they pretty much represent a yes (especially the Ace of Pentacles).

When you have your decision I would look at the cards and see if you can get an interpretation from it.


Upright or Reverse

It doesn’t come much easier than this.  Just shuffle the deck but make sure you have a mix or upright and reverse cards in the deck.  If you get an upright, that indicates yes and if you get reversed that would indicate no.

Again it’s open to interpretation.  Maybe you are asking if you should go on holiday.  You might get the 4 of Pentacles reversed.  For me this would indicated not right now.  You have to get your finances in order before you can commit to a holiday.

Perhaps your question is “will may tarot business take off in the next year?”.  You could draw the 7 of Pentacles upright which is a yes but it’s telling you to be patient and not to expect overnight success.

Wheel Of Fortune Yes/No Spread

I actually love this one.  It feels to me that there is something quite magical about this spread and kind of reminds me of the card game where you try to find the queen.

I read about this spread on Mary Greer’s blog – https://marygreer.wordpress.com

This is actually a tarot classic and was invented by Irys Vorel in an article entitled “How the Gypsies Us the Tarot” from the February 1955 issue of Fate Magazine.

It’s a bit more complicated than the others but worth it.

  1. Pull out the Wheel of Fortune from the deck and lay it face up in front of you
  2. Shuffle the rest of the deck thinking about your question
  3. Pick out 7 cards and lay them on top of the Wheel of Fortune
  4. Turn over the Wheel of Fortune so all the cards are facing the same way
  5. Shuffle the 8 cards so you no longer know where the Wheel of Fortune is
  6. Lay out the cards as follows starting in the yes position dealing clockwise
  7. The positioning of the Wheel of Fortune gives you our answer – Yes, Soon, Delay, No.
The card next to the Wheel of Fortune is of particular interest but you should also look at all of the cards to get an overall feeling for the reading.
I don’t use reversals for this reading.  If you get a No or Delay you can look at the cards around to see what the obstacles are and what you need to do to change that outcome.
If you get a lot of court cards this could indicate that other people will play a part in the outcome.  If there are a lot of major arcana cards this will tell you that karma is in play.

Yes/No with the Aces

This is another really simple spread.  Give the deck a good shuffle whilst thinking of your question.
Start to deal the cards face up and count until you get to 39.  If you have 4 aces in the 39 cards that is a definite yes.  If you don’t have any it’s a definite no.  If you get 3/1 then it’s looking favourable/unfavourable. If you get 2/2 then it’s up in the air and you have the power to make it go either way.
If you want to dig a little bit further then have a look at what card is on either side of the ace.  This can give you a bit of an indication of the situation at play.
I’ve created a PDF that you can download which will give you easy access to these spreads.  You can download that by putting in your details here….

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