Which Tarot Deck Should I Start With?

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How To Choose Your First Tarot Deck

There are soooo many tarot decks out there that it can be completely overwhelming.  A question I get asked a lot it “what tarot deck should I start with?”.

I first learned with the Rider Waite and this is still my number 1 go to deck for readings.  I have collected a number of beautiful decks over time and definitely use them all but the Rider Waite is the one that I always come back to.

How To Choose A Tarot Deck

Some will say that you can’t buy a deck and you must be given a deck by somebody else.  I say baloney!  I think it’s important that you find a deck that you connect with.

Do some research and find a deck you have a connection with. Look for a deck that has imagery that you love and symbolism that you jumps out to you.

One thing you will notice once you start diving into tarot is that everybody has a different opinion about what is right and wrong.  Personally, I don’t think there is a right or wrong when it comes to tarot.  It’s all about you and what feels right for you.

Why the Rider Waite?

How To Choose A Tarot DeckIt’s a great starting point and you will find a lot of the learning materials out there are based on the Rider Waite deck.  There are many versions of Rider Waite and many ‘clone decks’ so you still have some flexibility in choosing a deck that is right for you.

I love the colours in the Rider Waite but it’s the amount of detail that gets me.  There is so much symbolism on the cards. The depth that this deck offers is very appealing and I love the fact that I can draw a card and be pulled towards something that I just hadn’t noticed before.  Maybe it’s a bird in the background or perhaps it’s a feather in a hat.

When I first saw the Rider Waite I instantly saw stories unfold before me.  It was as if somebody was writing a movie script before my eyes with every turn of the card and I just loved that adventure!

Other Decks to Consider

The Fountain Tarot

This is a gorgeous and very modern deck.  Believe it or not it’s actually based on the Rider Waite.  If you started with that deck you will be fine with this.  I love that it has quite a cosmic energy to it but with beautiful artwork.  Many of my client respond very favourably to this deck. This deck is becoming so popular that it was even featured in Vogue!

The Wild Unknown

The Wild Unknown has become a hugely popular deck in the last few years and I believe that you can now buy it in Urban Outfitters!  I love that tarot is hitting the main-stream!

It has a real feeling of nature about it and the imagery is magnificent.

The deck is quite different to the Rider Waite so it can be a bit more tricky to read with.  I find that I just have to let go when I am reading with this deck, forget everything that I already know and just deliver what I see in the cards.

The Golden Thread Tarot

I’ve previously done a review of this deck.

I do love the simplicity of the Golden Thread. There is definitely not as much detail but it’s still a lovely deck to work with.  What’s great about this deck is that they have a fantastic iPhone app which is free and you can draw a card for each day.

So my recommendation is definitely a version of the Rider Waite but it’s important that you choose a deck that you feel connected to.

I am currently selling a version of the Rider Waite which you can purchase here….

If you want to view some gorgeous independent decks, I would recommend that you check out my favourite online store – http://www.twosidestarot.com/


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