Introduction To The Twin Flame Phenomenon

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I have to admit that I am very new to the whole twin flame theory. One of my lovely readers has written a super guest post to help introduce us all to the concept. I am very grateful and I am sure you will all enjoy….

The one thing I have learned about twin flames is that each and every situation, as would be expected in life, is different. It is complex, to say the least, at times a nightmare, at times a pleasure, sometimes it feels as if you’re going insane! The one seriously major problem is, you cannot walk away, you can try, but there is no escape. So it really is a case of live with it and hope it will work out. In a lot of ways it will, but not always in the way you think.

What is the difference between a twin flame and a regular partner?

There are cases where the Twin is not on this plane but they are connected in the way of a guide. Lately, there has been a surge in Twins and a lot are set to reunite in the year 2017. I am told twins are light workers and needed because of the mess the world is in and the vibration needs to be lifted. There have been, I understand several, of these surges over the last few years where twins were born in certain years e.g the 50s, 60’s and so on and destined to meet in later life.

What is it like having a Twin?

It is on a higher plane than most, it is highly spiritual and as they become closer they meet without a problem. They can communicate naturally with telepathy, are able to look through the twins eyes at places and situations, feel the twins energy, feel the twins touch, remembering this also a very physical situation! It is also unconditional love for one another.

How does this happen?

To begin with, Twins made a contract beyond time and many have reunited several times, but we are now in what is called the assent and many this time will, not return again, it is their last reincarnation. Twins are the yin and yang, the other half and will be very similar in a lot of ways to each other. In the main these are soul mates or part of the soul family.

A twin can be of same or different sex, different race, religion, colour, age, normally they are not the “usual” type the other would choose.

What happens if you meet your twin?

The meeting, when it occurs on our level is out of the ordinary, but what is not is the “recognition”, the feeling of “knowing” of returning “home” and it is all held within the eyes. Once the connection is made life for both begins to change, the spiritual side opens, bad karma throws up to the surface to be removed, it can go back to, childhood and beyond, but whatever “baggage” has been collected it has to be dealt with and cleared before there is any chance of reuniting.

This is not a relationship as any other. It is a case of equals but also a case of caring for another more than yourself, nobody will ever be more important than your twin because they are also you and you must also love yourself unconditionally to be together and not in any selfish egotistical way.

As you can see this is a real can of worms and we have only scratched the surface. It’s fascinating to me and I am keen to learn more. I will develop a tarot spread/reading for Twin Flames but I feel I need to learn more about the concept first.

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