Finding The 10th Cup Tarot Spread

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How To Reach Your Full Potential

I often think about my favourite card in the tarot deck.  It does change quite often but I really like the 9 of Pentacles and The Knight of Cups.  When reading for others I am often drawn to the 9 of cups. The character in the card looks so happy and content, some would even say smug.
I’ve heard this card referenced as the genie and this is the wish card. He can also represent luxury and stability. I get different meanings for this card depending on the context. If it’s a love reading I quite often see that you have to learn to be happy on your own before you can find true love from somebody else.  On the flip side. Maybe you are constantly projecting to others that you are perfectly happy on your own but deep down your subconscious really does want that life partner.
When I see this card I often think that things are going very well but there is just one piece of the puzzle missing. If you can find that last piece it can make your world complete. My style of tarot is all about helping people reach their full potential.  I started to think how powerful it would be if I could help people find the 10th cup!
I’m not only referring to love. This could be related to career, family , finances, health,spirituality.
I’ve developed a tarot spread to help us identify and ultimately find the 10th cup so we can reach our fullest potential.
1. What is the 10th cup/what is missing?
2. Where will I find the 10th cup
3. What change will it bring to my life?
4. Are there any obstacles that I could face whilst searching for the 10th cup?
5. How do I overcome those obstacles?
6. Is there anything I am not seeing? If so what?
7. What does the potential outcome look like?
You can see demo video of this spread right here….

Good luck treasure hunters!

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