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I’m starting to do a regular series on different tarot spreads for different occasions.  There really is no end to the number of spreads out there and I quite often do custom spreads, depending on the question or questions.

I recently came across a spread called The Tree Spread, which I am really liking.  It’s quite similar to the first part of The Celtic Cross (referenced here) but it does have different meanings.

What I like about this spread is the versatility.  You can change some of the card meanings around depending on the question at hand.

Horseshoe Spread-3

1. Current situation

This card really shows us where the seeker is up to with regards to the question.  It’s really useful to get a good grasp of where we are before we can decide where we are heading.

2.  The root of the issue

This card shows us what the real issue is.  It’s not necessarily what the blockage is but gives us more of a grasp on what the seeker really needs to know about the question.

3. The potential

If you think of this spread like a tree you have the root leading up to where the seeker is now and the top card is the branches of the tree but very much about what this root can blossom and grow into.

4. Past/blockage/yes etc

5. Future/advice/no etc

These cards can be very interchangeable depending on what the seeker needs to know.  You might want to have 4 as past and 5 as future. If it’s a decision spread you can use Yes/No or maybe you want to see what the blockage/advice is.

It’s always easier with a live example.  I’m thinking of launching a tarot teaching course for beginners so I can help my followers to read for themselves and others.  I got the following cards.


I’m very happy with card one (Ace of Pentacles).  This reflects my current situation.  Ace’s are about new beginnings and pentacles are about material gain (money, career etc).  This is showing me that there is a nice juicy opportunity being handed to me by the universe.  It’s also showing that there is potential for me to make this a financial success but there are a few things in there that I need to know.

Card 2 is the Tower and this is the root of the issue.  The Tower is usually a negative card but in a  recent post I looked at some of the good sides of traditionally bad cards.  The Tower is all about chaos and sudden change.  This is in the root position and what I’m taking from this is that there is a strong desire in me to do something new grow this business.  It’s been a lot of work so far and has been quite chaotic.  What I find interesting about this is that I always see this card as destruction making way for creation.  It might be that I have to streamline my ideas and clear some space before I can truly make a success of the teaching.

Card 3 is the 5 of Wands and this is in the potential space.  This is saying to me that I will be doing something that I’m really passionate about as wands are about fire, passion and energy but it’s going to be quite a feat to get it off the ground.  It’s looking a bit disorganised and there are many moving parts.  However, with rigid organisation skills I could create something good.  I always look at this card like a bunch of people trying to put on a tent.   It’s going to take a bit of teamwork and leadership but if everybody works together is will be much easier.  Again this could be saying me that I need to focus on one thing at a time and not bite off more than I can chew.

At this stage I like to look at those 3 cards in sequence and they do tell a nice story.  We have The Tower clearing way for the Ace of Pentacles which starts to grow into the 5 of wands.  Kind of cool that this card does look like branches on a tree!

Card 4 is The Page of Wands.  When I laid out the cards I wanted this one to represent obstacles or blockages.  I see the Page of Wands as somebody who is really passionate and following their dream.  Page’s are about learning so it could be saying that there is a bit more learning that I need to do before I leap into this project.  What I like is the fact that he is moving forward and looking at that lovely seed which is the Ace of Pentacles.

Card 5 is The Page of Cups.  This position is what can help me reach my potential.  This card for me is about letting go and having fun. There is also a link with the Page of Cups and psychics.  I should look out for signs about the right time to embark on the project but the main way that I am interpreting this is that I really need to have fun with this.  I need to inject as much of my personality into the teaching as possible to make it enjoyable for everybody. Again he is looking back at the Ace of Pentacles (all roads lead to the Ace!)

Overall from this spread I am feeling encouraged.  The Ace in the middle is very clearly saying that now is a good time and there is potential for me to do well.  There are definitely a few issues that I need to look out for.  What I would do if I were reading for a client is do another spread based around that 5 of wands.  I might do a 3 card spread asking:

  1. What do I need to do the make things run more smoothly?
  2. Is there anything in particular blocking me or causing the chaos?
  3. What do I need to know right now that will help me make sense of this?

I see tarot as loads of moving parts and you just need to keep digging until you truly understand the messages that are coming through for you.

Thanks for letting me indulge and a reading for myself.  If you have any other interpretations of this reading or if you have any questions then please feel free to email me david@tarotavenue.com or you can just comment below and I’ll get back to you.




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