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Benefits Of Keeping A Tarot Journal

Journaling has become quite ‘fashionable’ over the last couple of years but it is a practice that dates back to our ancestors. I’m going to talk you through how to keep a tarot journal.

More and more studies are showing that journaling can help with stress, anxiety and managing depression. What’s really interesting is that recent research has found that keeping a journal can also help with your physical well-being!

I’m all about helping people reach their potential in life and keeping a tarot journal is a great step in the right direction. It’s a double whammy really as you will enjoy the benefits or journaling as well as building a closer and stronger relationship with your tarot cards.

What’s important to note is that you can start this right away as it can be very simple and needn’t be overwhelming.  You can pick and choose from any of these points listed below.  Maybe you want to star to a daily card draw in your tarot journal then build up from there.

I have created a free template so you can start your own journal.  You can download it here….

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Daily Tarot Card Draw

You can keep this very simple. Draw one card a day, in the morning, and write your own interpretation. Try not to look at your tarot books as it’s important that you put some of your own thought into this.

Just describe the card and write what you see. Dig deep and perhaps you will find something that you haven’t noticed before. Just let the writing flow.  It’s important that you don’t judge yourself. Remember that there is no right or wrong. You are simply writing what you notice on that day and what the card means to you at that specific time.

You may want to ask questions like:

Does the energy in the card look still or is there movement?
What is happening in the scene in the card?
What happened before that scene and what will follow?
If there are people in the card what are they doing and how do they seem to you?

Even if you think that what you are writing does not make sense, it really doesn’t matter. Just let it flow.

How does the card make you feel?

Now have a think about how that card makes you feel at this particular time.

Does is make you feel happy, anxious, hopeful, regretful, fearful, sad etc.

Start to notice your reaction to the card then try to think why you feel that way. Is it reminding you of a particular event? What do you associate with this card?

Goal Setting

Gaol SettingAnother great way to get intuition to flow and set you up for the day is setting goals.

Write down 1-3 things that you want to achieve in the day. It can be something small like getting the laundry done or maybe it’s getting a blog post written or doing a tarot reading for somebody. It’s completely up to you, but do make sure they are achievable.

You may want to refer to my previous post about goal setting –

Action Points

Next, you want to think about what action you need to take to achieve those goals. Make a commitment to yourself that you will get these action points done during the day.

E.g if I’m using my example of doing the laundry – maybe one of the action points is to buy laundry power.

Re the blog post….. before I can write the post I need to do some research about the benefits of journaling to help me formulate the blog post.

Gratitude Practice

Gratitude PracticePracticing gratitude is another really great way of opening your intuition.

Simply write down 1-3 things that you are grateful for at that particular time. Again, they don’t have to be big. Maybe you are grateful for the air conditioning on a really hot day or perhaps you are grateful that you have a bed to sleep in.

Getting yourself into this gratitude mindset, especially first thing in the morning, can be a game changer.

I have written a post giving you a number different ways you can practice gratitude –

Using Tarot To Help

Another nifty little thing you can do is to use tarot to help you with your goals, action point or gratitude.

Maybe you just want to use tarot for one of them.

You could ask “what should I be grateful for today?” or “what action should I take to help me reach my goal?”


I want you to revisit the journal at the end of the day and just reflect how the day went.

Look at your card for the day again and your interpretation. Can you think of any instances where the card came up? Did you manage to reach your goals? If not, what was standing in your way?

I hope you start to enjoy the benefits of journaling. If you get nothing else you will definitely find that you start to understand the tarot cards better.  Keeping a tarot journal is a great tool for learning but it also can have some amazing health benefits so it’s a no-brainer!

I’ve put together a PDF template which you can use for your tarot journal. You can download it here

FREE Tarot Journal Template

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