Tarot and Spiritual Healing

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I’ve been very lucky this week to have a multi-talented friend, Sandy Grant, write a guest blog piece on tarot and spiritual healing.  I love that her style is really accessible and down to earth.  We should never underestimate the power that our mind has over our physical body and overall health.

Over to you Sandy……
Tarot and Spiritual Healing

We all carry the hurts of our journey through life.  The Tarot can reveal these injuries to enable you to heal what you can, by showing:
* what is happening in your life
* your inner self
* possible imbalances or blockages
* an aspect of your life/health that needs attention.

The choice is always yours, about what you think, and how you feel, about what happens in your life.

Shock, trauma and pain memory is stored in the body as blockages.

And just as exercise can create endorphins, “happy chemicals”, in your body, negative thoughts can create “negative chemicals”, which can make you sick.

Suppression of emotions is like trying to hold inflated beach balls under water – it takes effort! Suppression is linked with depression.

The tarot cards guide you how to start by showing the need. However,  healing can only occur when you choose and allow it to happen.

Facing your situation results in transformation and growth.

Spiritual healing is a way of allowing divine/universal healing energy to flow through your body to address these issues. It can be used concurrently with conventional medicine.

A spiritual healer facilitates the healing:
* in person (The healer’s hands do not need to touch you)
* remotely (by intention and/or by proxy, such as a pillow).

The healing energy goes to where it is needed: be it at physical, mental and/or emotional levels, triggering insights to help you address your life issues.

The intention to heal your life is an invitation to a journey of change.

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