9 Soulful Ways to Start the New Year with a BANG!

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9 Soulful Ways to Start the New Year with a BANG!

I love when the new year comes. There is a feeling of optimism and everybody gets focussed on their goals for the next year as well as their new year resolutions!

I’m not a huge fan of setting resolutions but for the past few years, I have made a little note on my phone of things that I want to achieve in the next year. I think of it as a kind of to-do list for the year ahead.

The things that I write can be big aspirations but there are also really small and very achievable things in there. A few examples would be:

1. play tennis at least once a month
2. go to see at least 4 productions at the Sydney Opera House
3. make a point of calling my friends on their birthday rather than texting
4. travel to the USA.

I usually have at least 10 things on the list and I’ve always found it really motivational to check in through the year and see how I am tracking.

When you start to incorporate tarot there are so many more things you can do to soulfully start your new year with a bang!

Here are some really simple things you can do to ensure that the next year will live up to its full potential.

Goal Setting

Goal setting is taken to a whole new level when you start to incorporate tarot. I find goal setting to be an essential part of my life and since starting the practice have noticed massive shifts in what I can achieve.

It’s so easy to go from the day to day without having any direction. However, it really is amazing what we are capable of when we have some direction and break the journey into bite sized chunks so we can check in along the way.

You can have multiple dreams/goals at one time, and they may or may not relate to each other, but I would recommend that you tackle them one small step at a time so you don’t become overwhelmed.

You have probably heard this before but your goals must be SMART!

Action Oriented

You can read my full post about goal setting here – www.tarotavenue.com/goals and you can download my free tarot goal setting workbook below:

Setting Your Tarot Intentions

It’s a new year so why not commit to taking your tarot to the next level. You might want to commit to drawing a card every day then reviewing it in the evening. This can really help you get a clearer understanding of the cards but helps you build a relationship with your deck as it will relate to your life.

Maybe you should set yourself a little tarot challenge of doing a reading for one new person every month.

Make sure it’s something that you want to do and have fun with it. The whole point of this action is to get you touching your cards and building a strong connection with your deck. It’s very easy to put the cards aside and forget about them until you really need them.

New Year Tarot Reading

I created a spread which is perfect for this time of year. I do use it throughout the year but it’s especially powerful at the beginning of a new year.

If you are not confident in reading for yourself why not book this reading from me now….. Buy A Tarot Reading

Planning for your Tarot Business

This is for those of you who are running your own tarot business or even thinking of starting your tarot business.

It’s time to set your business goals for the year. How are you going to find more customers? What will your business look like by the end of the year? What are your true strengths as a reader and how you can maximise them?

If you are new to business you may sit there with a blank piece of paper and be confused about where to start.

I’ve created a post which will help you with your business planning. You can read the full post here – http://tarotavenue.com/business-planning/

Letting Go of Old ‘Stuff’

With any big occasion, like the turn of a new year comes an opportunity to make positive change. Sometimes that positive change can be letting go of what is not working for us. What is holding you back?

This can be quite confronting and true transformation and growth are never easy.

Sometimes we need to realise what the blockages are so we can deal with them. This very simple spread can help you address any blockages in your life.

Sometimes we need to let go of the rising emotions so we can truly clear the space to deal with any issues.

The very very talented Brigid over at Biddy Tarot has a wonderful spread called Release and Let Go. Check it out here – https://www.biddytarot.com/release-and-let-go-tarot-spread/

Learn Something New

If we want to reach our potential it’s essential that we keep learning. Why not make a commitment to invest in yourself this year?

Perhaps you want to take a course or maybe you set a little goal of reading a few books that will help you with your self-development.

Personally, I love podcasts and audiobooks. I have learned so much about many different aspects of life through listening to podcasts whilst I’m walking to the puppy or walking to work.

Here are a few of my favourite podcast recommendations:

The Tarot Lady – Tarot Bytes

This is short, sharp and simple bite sized lessons focussing on each of the tarot cards. Theresa has a wonderful way about her and it’s a joy to listen to this podcast.

Biddy Tarot Podcast

I consider Brigid to be a mentor of mine. She has been a fantastic support/inspiration and I am a huge fan of her work. Her podcast has some wondering guests and they talk all things tarot.

Super Soul Conversations

I don’t think it would be possible for me to be any more in love with Oprah at the moment. I’m fairly new to this podcast but OMG! It’s brilliant. I seriously don’t think I have listened to an episode without having goosebumps or ‘god-bumps’ as they were described in a recent episode.

Online Marketing Made Easy

This is a business podcast but I have found it to be wonderful and inspirational as far as online business is concerned. If you are considering starting or growing your business you will find this to be a great place to start.

Manifest your own Future

Did you know that you can use tarot for manifestation? Many people think that tarot is purely for divination but that’s just not the case. We have the power to write our own ending to our story. Don’t like what you see in a reading? Change it!

I particularly like this spread as it forces us to think about what is its that we want to manifest. We then go through the deck and consciously choose a card which represents that dream/wish.

You can read the full post and view a case study here – http://tarotavenue.com/make-your-dreams-a-reality-with-tarot/

Manifestation with tarot

Meditation Practice

I don’t need to lecture you on the benefits of meditation! It’s wonderfully mainstream to meditate now and I’m hoping that tarot will follow a similar path soon.

Many people set health goals at the beginning of the year but they are usually physical goals related to losing weight. What we need to focus on more is our mental health. If we can get our mental health in check it’s amazing how our physical can follow on.

Starting a meditation practice can be scary, confusing and overwhelming.

One of my lovely friends Meg James is a meditation teacher and she has free 7-day meditation challenge to get you started. Check it out here – https://megjames.com.au

Meg also has a ‘learn to meditate’ course which I thoroughly recommend. If meditation has been on your to-do list for a while this could be the opportunity for you.

Keep a Tarot Journal

New year – new habits! Journalling is one of the most effective forms of self-development. It’s actually an ancient practice but it’s amazing how popular it has become in the last few years.

Keeping a tarot journal can be a fantastic way of awakening your intuition, building your tarot confidence and getting to know yourself better!

You can read my full post about keeping a tarot journal here and you can download my tarot journal template below.

How To Keep A Tarot Journal


  1. Dear David,

    Thank you for the sweet mention! Btw, I love this post – this is useful information that even those new to tarot might find helpful. Those tarot spreads are intriguing. I will use one in my blog this week.


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  3. Good Evening, I want to say thank you, I enjoy your post and wonderful information on new beginners tarot lessons and spreads that I could practice on I recently started learning on meditation lessons and now on tarot cards readings I was learning on myself but come learn that takes careful training this is how I learned if your oust and I love it I will continue to read and learn as much as I can also on girls settings for the new year I cant wait to start please continue to post all you can offer for beginner like myself so I also could be a good healer to others in there life concerns. I truely look forward in having my healing business one day soon with all your helpful tips. Thsnk you once again. Sincerely yours, maxine

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