9 Proven Ways to Sell Tarot Readings and Reach New Customers

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9 Different Ways to Sell Tarot Readings

Starting your tarot business can be very exciting, overwhelming, nerve-racking, amazing plus many more things at the same time!

Honestly, it doesn’t have to be scary. You just need to break down each step of the process to help you launch.

I’m diving into one of the areas that you will have to address as you set up your business.

Where are you going to sell tarot readings?

If you have not yet started your tarot business, you might want to check out this post…

Let’s have a look at the options and we can discuss the pros and cons for each. I’ll give my recommendation at the end of the post.

Your Own Website

Selling on your own website is always a good option. This means that you are driving traffic to your own. One of the benefits of this is that you might want to start selling different products or services on your website and you get a chance to shout about your latest offerings.

One of the challenges can be getting eyeballs to your website. It’s very common to set up your website and just expect people to find you. The reality is sadly quite different. You have to put a lot of work into promoting your website and ensuring that there is a good relevant and useful content for your readers – more on that in another post.

Setting up your website can be a little bit tricky but it’s going to be worth it in the long run.

You will also need to find a way to collect payment. Personally, I use Shopify buttons but you can use Paypal, Square, Stripe, SamCart – there are many more options but these are a few of them.


Etsy is a marketplace that is very popular for selling craft and hand-made items. It’s kind of like eBay for hand-made items.

I do have tarot readings listed on there but haven’t really done much to promote them so haven’t had much luck.

Etsy is great for selling my Tarot Candles and actually where I sell most of my candles.

It’s a really lovely platform and quite user-friendly.

You can pay to promote your listings on Etsy. It can be really good for cutting through the clutter but it can be quite expensive. Do some testing to see what is working for you and to make sure that you are covering your costs.

The selling fees can add up but you have to remember that if you are paying fees it means that you are making money! woohoo.

Top Tip: There is an option to provide shop updates. It’s really designed to let your customers see behind the scenes. You can upload photos and put comments in. I have found that putting in a picture of a card and writing a little thought for the day is a good way to boost the listing. I actually don’t know for sure if this does help but I’ve definitely found it a good way to help with engagement.

Local Markets

I love reading at markets. I haven’t done it for a while but it’s really good fun and a great way to connect with others.

Reading back to back can be quite tiring but you just need to be sure to take a few breaks to psychically charge!

There are a few things that you are going to need to think about before you go:

Do you need insurance for the market? I needed to get public liability insurance.
What are you going to sit on?
Will you have 1 or 2 chairs for your clients?
What if the weather is bad? Do you have a cover?
What if it’s windy? Do you have something to hold the cards down?
Do you need a sign to advertise your prices?
Are you going to have a waiting list?
How much are you going to charge?
Will you take cash or do you have the ability to take card?
You will probably need a countdown timer to keep an eye on the time.

Tip: Square has a little reader that plugs into your phone which means you can take card.

You can see that there is a lot to think about but don’t let this put you off as it can be very rewarding. Once you are set up you are ready to go!

Psychic Fairs

I’ve never done this but I recently made inquiries about reading at a local psychic fair.

This could be great as it’s usually set prices and they are doing all the marketing and finding the customers.

It can be a very long day. The one that I was looking at required you to be reading from 10 am to 8 pm, with a few breaks.

They said on average you would be doing 13-15 half-hour readings per day so it’s not for the faint-hearted!

You may love this but I didn’t want to read for that long and I wasn’t sure about being around so much ‘energy’ in the psychic reading room. Never say never but it wasn’t for me at this time.


Now I’m not sure if you can directly sell tarot readings on Facebook but you can certainly use your Facebook page or Facebook group to drive traffic towards your website or anywhere else that you are selling readings.

It’s a great platform to show your audience who you are. Why not do a Facebook live and do some example readings? This is a great way to show people how you work and your style of reading.

With any social media or blog platform – it’s all about getting people to know, like and trust you.

You can check out my post about running a Facebook live here.

Tip: Facebook has recently changed their algorithm which means that even if people are fans of your page, doesn’t mean they will see your content. Facebook groups are a good way of driving engagement and video gets a far better distribution than photos or text updates.

Psychic Hotlines

To be completely honest I have no experience of this and don’t know anybody who has been reading on the hotlines.

As if by magic – a wonderful blog post arrived in my inbox this weekend from the very talented Tarot Elements blog.  There is some great info here about getting ready for psychic hotline reading.  This is a very well written post with lots of info….

Reading for Charity

This can be a very good to way to boost your experience if you are an up and coming reading.

Why not contact a local charity and offer your services for free? Could you do readings at their next event and offer all the proceeds to the charity? A very good way of boosting your confidence and building a client base at the same time.

Depending on the event, you will probably need to think about a lot of the same things that you would if you were reading at a market.

Tip: Why not collect email addresses from the people you read for so you can keep in touch with them? Be sure to disclose that you want to add them to your email list and or newsletter and give them the option.


This is a really interesting platform. I actually use Fiverr when I am looking for freelancers to do design or other marketing tasks.

You can sell readings on there but the value is very very low and there is a lot of competition.

Most people price their readings at $5 but they have loads of add-ons which boost the price. You might offer a one card reading for $5 but offer add-ons which means that a full reading can be up to $50.

Have a dig around on the site to get a feel for the different pricing structures.

I don’t sell on there as it was too time-consuming for me and I need to put my energies elsewhere but I know some readers who have been very successful.

Your own Network

This is your key starting point and it’s often overlooked. Don’t be afraid to ‘sell’ your services to your friends, family and network. You might offer a ‘friends’ discount but this can be a really good way for getting referrals.

Referrals and repeat customers are going to be a really rich source for you. Provide good value, do a great job, look after your customers and they will keep coming back to you.

Be loud and proud. You could be surprised at who is into it! I was really shocked that it’s my friends who are doctors and lawyers that were most interested.

My Thoughts

There is a very big con with a lot of these platforms and it’s something that I want you to be really wary of. If you are building your business on Facebook, Etsy, Fiverr etc. you have to be aware that you are building your business on somebody else’s platform.

The danger with this is that they could change their terms of business overnight and ban tarot reading! I know this sounds far-fetched but it has happened.

Ebay was a key platform for many tarot readers. They changed their rules overnight and banned tarot readers from offering services on eBay. There were people who had been reading for years on eBay that suddenly had no way of contacting their customers!

This really terrifies me as I want to be in control of what happens with my business.

The number one recommendation from me is to drive people to your own website. When they are there – collect their email address! I can’t emphasise this enough! It’s something that I will go into at a later date, but collecting email subscribers is one of the most important things you can do for your business.

I’m also a big fan of markets and friends/referrals but for me, it’s all about online reading from my own website.

I hope you enjoyed this little journey through the different ways to sell readings. I would love to hear from your experience. Have I missed anything? What works best for you? Please write in the comments below…




  1. Hi, David

    Thank you so very much for your informative article. One of the social media platforms that you didn’t mention was Instagram. I personally don’t know of any tarot readers that use it as a method of driving people to their website, but I was wondering what you thought of it. I am just starting to consider putting myself out there to do readings so this article was very much appreciated.

    1. Author

      You can’t directly sell on Instagram but it’s a really good way of getting attention and building a community. I’m not great on Instagram yet but some readers do very well such as Ethony.

      Best of luck with your tarot journey!

  2. I do not even understand how I ended up here, however I believed this publish used to be good.
    I do not know who you are but definitely you are going to a famous blogger for
    those who are not already. Cheers!

  3. You can now sell tarot readings directly on Ebay again!

    I know quite a few people use instagram to drive traffic to their websites.

    I really loved your article, in particular I’ve been hearing a lot about psychic hotlines but most of them seem to be USA based and you need a bank account to be paid into. I really wanted some info about Australian based sites, but I’m totally put off after reading Tarot Elements post!! haha
    I had heard a few bad stories on a group I’m in but it seems like it attracts the wrong type of clients for me.

    I sell tarot readings on Etsy but because of the price competition it is hard to get clients who want to pay for quality. I am looking to make my own website. Are you using bluehost for this website, or shopify?

    Thanks so much for this post and for your website, I always enjoy your daily card readings on social media 🙂

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