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Before I start I should point out that I am a big fan of the Golden Thread Tarot App.  I’ve been using the app for about 3 months now.  However, I do want to write a balanced review so I aim to put in some detail about what I feel can be done better.

You can find the app in the app store on your phone but you will also be able to download it from the link above.

What is The Golden Thread Tarot App?

The Golden Thread Tarot is a deck that was created by Tina Gong.  You can buy a physical deck but I’m going to review the app.

The app has a ‘Tarot Database’ where you can look up the meaning of each card.  The descriptions are short and sharp but very much aligned to the way that I like to read tarot.

There are many features on the app including:

  • Tarot Database
  • My Mirror (card for the day that resets each day)
  • My Log (you can log your card of the day and not how it made you feel)
  • Lessons (very basic overview of tarot)
  • Get Readings (you can get a 1, 3 or 10 card reading for many different situations)

Who is the app for?

Golden Thread Tarot This app could literally be for anybody.  It would suit a completely newcomer to tarot as the explanations are really simple and easy to understand.  The lessons are also suited to newcomers to tarot.

I tend to use the app for the card of the day as I like to get a flavour of what I can expect that day.  Sometimes I refer to the Tarot Database to see if there are any additional insights from Tina.

If you are a tarot professional you are not going to get a whole heap of value from the card explanations but it’s still a very nice experience on the app and I do like to dip in and out.

The Good….

Golden Thread TarotTina is from a graphic and digital design background and boy does it show.  In terms of design this app is head and shoulders above any others that I have found.  It’s clean, simple to use and effective.

Being able to log your readings or card of the day is excellent.  It’s basically a great way of journaling, which is becoming more and more recognized as an important part of growth.  You can even select key words that you associated with that card that you flipped and rate how the reading/card made you feel.  This is genius.

The Log can get really quite intricate and is a good way of tracking your development through a week/month.  You can go back and see how things are progressing for you, which is great for self-awareness.

The Golden Thread Tarot App “Tarot Database ” is really good.  You can easily navigate to find the card you want and explore the meaning.  You get a few sentences for each card but she does get to the essence of the card.  There are also reversals, which I really like.

The navigation around the app is seamless.  It’s a joy to use, super fast and fun.

The Bad….

Well there is not anything really bad but there are a few things that could potentially be better.

The Tarot Lessons are quite limited.  They are more an introduction to tarot rather than lessons in how to read the cards.  There is nothing wrong with this but perhaps I wouldn’t class them as lessons.

Perhaps there could be more spreads to choose from?  I’m being really fussy now as having 3 per category is really good but I want more, more, more!

There is an option to share your card of the day or your reading via SMS, email etc.  I like this option but I think it just sends a screen shot of the reading.  This means the other person can’t go in and dig around into each of the cards and see the meanings.

I would also like to be able to share my card for the day on my social media channels but couldn’t find a way to do this.  Maybe I am wrong, so if anybody finds a way please do let me know.

I also tried to email a reading to myself and I just got sent a link to the Golden Thread Tarot App website rather than the actual reading.

If you are looking for really intricate cards where you can delve into the imagery of each card then this is not the deck for you.  The deck is pretty and there is heaps of symbolism but it is quite simple in its design.  The physical deck is printed with gold foil which looks beautiful.

The Ugly….

Golden Thread TarotCome on…nobody could possibly describe this app  or deck as ugly.

The only thing I can complain about is that they don’t have a supplier in Australia to buy the physical deck.  I would love to get my hands on it but I’m reluctant to pay more for postage than I do for the deck.  I’ll keep looking.  Maybe somebody will pick it up in Australia.


It’s a no-brainer.  Download The Golden Thread Tarot App today! It’s totally free so you have nothing to lose.  You will get a whole lot of value from this app and you will have great fun playing around with it.

This is especially great for those who are new to tarot but I would recommend to even the most seasoned tarot professional, as it’s such a beautiful design and experience.

Thanks Tina for sharing your gift with us.

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  1. Wishes granted – I’m the Australian stockist for this deck! You can pick up a copy, with free shipping, at 🙂

    1. Author

      Ask and ye shall receive! Brilliant Marianne. I’m so glad this article found you. I’m about to purchase now. x

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