How to remove the blockages so we can reach our potential.

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Tarot: Removing the roadblocks

I’m all about empowerment through tarot and using the tarot so we can raise our level of awareness and consciousness.  To truly reach our full potential we need a clear understanding of what’s standing in our way.  The majority of tarot spreads that I use have a card position which shows blockages or obstacles.  You can see some examples in my manifestation spread or the horseshoe spread.

Sometimes the blockage can be really obvious but other times it can be something that your conscious mind has not yet discovered.  It’s all very well revealing what the blockage is but I wanted to dig a bit further to find out how to deal with that blockage, why it is there at all etc.

I’ve developed 3 different spreads of varying length. I change it up depending on the situation.  If somebody just feels that they are stuck and being blocked at every opportunity I’ll do spread 3, but we can quite often get enough really actionable information from spread 1.

Spread 1


  1. Your current situation
  2. What is crossing you/what is the blockage?
  3. What issues from the past are causing the blockage?
  4. What action to you need to take to release the block?




I always like to do live examples to who the spread in action so here goes.  I have a friend who has been trying to lose weight for a number of years but it’s been stop/start for a long time and she really just wants to discover what she can do to help her reach her goal.

  1. The ChariotFullSizeRender 46
  2. Page of Swords
  3. 3 of Swords
  4. 3 of Cups (reversed)

When I look at current situation I am seeing that there is definitely a real desire to charge ahead and be victorious.  There is a determination there and definitely the will.  This is showing me that the person really wants this to happen so it’s important for us to understand what the blockage is.  It feels to me that as soon as that blockage is dealt with then things will move in a positive direction very quickly.

The thing that is crossing her/the blockage is the Page of Swords.  When I see this card I see that sweeping changes need to be made.  What she has been doing is not working and she needs to find a new approach.  Page’s are about learning so maybe there is some education that needs to happen to help her reach her goals.  I’m also seeing that the past is playing a major part in this and that she needs to let go of the past and move on.

In the position of issues from the past I see the 3 of Swords.  This shows that there is some emotional scarring that is still with this person.  There has been some traumatic and sad event that has happened in the past that is still with them (it may even be subconscious).  If this were a reading with a client I would delve further into what that issue was and how it is best dealt with.  I would potentially also recommend that they see a counsellor as it looks to me like it’s an emotional blockage that is causing the problems and sometimes you have to go further than tarot to get all the answers.

In the action position I get the 3 of Cups reversed.  This could be a number of things…..cut down the partying or drinking, stop relying on other people to help you as you really have to do this on your own or it could be saying that you need to trust your circle and really open up to them about how you are feeling emotionally.  In this case I’m seeing it as the latter.  There is definitely some emotional issue from the past and there is a bit of a reluctance to share and open up.  I happen to know that this person is a Capricorn and they do like to keep their cards close to their chests and find it hard to open up to others.

What’s really encouraging is that the will and determination is there.  As soon as this issue from the past can be put to bed I’m confident that goals will be reached.

Here are another 2 spreads to deal with blockages.  They are a bit more in-depth and can find that answers that you are looking for.

Spread 2


  1. Current situation
  2. What is crossing you/what is the blockage?
  3. What is the root of the issue/what is going on in the subconscious?
  4. What is going on consciously or what are your thoughts towards the issue?
  5. What issues from past are playing a part in the blockage?
  6. What action you need to take the release the blockage


You will see that this spread is quite similar to the first part of the Celtic cross.  Things I would be looking out for is the difference between the conscious and the subconscious.  I would look at the 3 cards in a line to see if they are similar or if there is a real disparity.  I would also look at 5, 1 and 6 in a line to see the progression from past, current and action (which can also be a future card).

When I do this spread it’s amazing what can be revealed in the subconscious position.  Some people are very out of touch with what is really going on so this can help shine the light on the whole story.

Spread 3

This one is a bit more in depth and something that I have only started working with.  It’s been quite revealing so far. It breaks each question down by mind, body and soul.  This helps us discover if the block is a mental thing, physical thing or if it’s about us getting more in touch with our soul/higher self/intuition/spirit/god or whatever you want to call it.



  1. Mind – what is the blockage
  2. Body – what is the blockage
  3. Soul – what is the blockage
  4. Mind – what action do you need to take
  5. Body – what action do you need to take
  6. Soul – what action do you need to take
  7. Mind – what result will that action bring
  8. Body – what result will that action bring
  9. Soul – what result will that action bring
  10. What general energy will help you overcome your obstacles

As you will see this is a bit more complicated as you are looking for the nuances between the mind body and soul.  What’s interesting though is that sometimes it shows that there are actually very few blockages so you can really hone in on exactly what you need to fix.

I pulled an example based on my own tarot business to see if there were any blockages.  I won’t post it here as it’s quite detailed.  If you are interested in seeing the case study for this spread just fill in your details below and you will get direct access.

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Until next time.

David. x

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