Release The Blockage Tarot Spread

Share3Pin144TweetShare147 SharesRelease The Blockage Tarot Spread We all experience blockages in our life so I thought I would design a ‘release the blockage tarot spread’. Some blockages are there due to past experiences and believe it or not we sometimes put blocks on ourselves as we are afraid of change.  These are just a couple of examples of blockages but the list could go on and on. It’s very important that we first identify what our blockages are and then deal with them.  If we don’t address these blocks or maybe issues from the past the energy can build up in our body and even lead to anxiety. How can tarot help? Tarot is such a powerful tool for working on yourself.  These 78 cards are like mirrors and can reflect every possible experience that we can go through in our lives.  Sometimes we don’t want to look in that mirror but it’s very important that we do. What I love about tarot is that you are always left with a strategy so this can be a great coping mechanism.  I would never just tell somebody what their blockage is. I would use the cards to give insights into how … Continue reading Release The Blockage Tarot Spread