Release The Blockage Tarot Spread

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Release The Blockage Tarot Spread

We all experience blockages in our life so I thought I would design a ‘release the blockage tarot spread’. Some blockages are there due to past experiences and believe it or not we sometimes put blocks on ourselves as we are afraid of change.  These are just a couple of examples of blockages but the list could go on and on.

It’s very important that we first identify what our blockages are and then deal with them.  If we don’t address these blocks or maybe issues from the past the energy can build up in our body and even lead to anxiety.

How can tarot help?

Tarot is such a powerful tool for working on yourself.  These 78 cards are like mirrors and can reflect every possible experience that we can go through in our lives.  Sometimes we don’t want to look in that mirror but it’s very important that we do.

What I love about tarot is that you are always left with a strategy so this can be a great coping mechanism.  I would never just tell somebody what their blockage is. I would use the cards to give insights into how this blockage can be addressed and removed.

Release the Blockage Tarot Spread

Identifying the Blockage

Many of us go through life in a state of what has been described as ‘asleep at the wheel’. To be honest, if you are reading this post you are probably already searching for answers and therefore more enlightened than most.

The cards can give us a really good insight into the current situation but one of the most important cards is the ‘blockage card’. We need to understand what we are dealing with before we can truly deal with it.

Issues from the Past

This can be a tricky one so if you are reading for others, please tread carefully.  It can be quite painful for some to dig around in the past, however, I’ve had a lot of success with this spread when working with my clients.

I’ve had anything from fixing relationships with fathers to deal with a love blockage to clearing your house to deal with money issues!  The combinations are endless and it’s quite enlightening to see what comes up.

The Action Card

This is always one of my favourite cards in a reading as this is where we get a clear insight into what we need to do.  This is your GPS instructions on the road to a better life.

The action will vary depending on the reading but it could be anything from meditation to fixing relationships to ending a toxic relationship!

Reading for Yourself

This can be a tricky spread to do for yourself as it can be full of home truths that we don’t particularly want to hear.  Check out this post about how to read for yourself and I’m sure it will help you get the best result.


I’ve put together this video demonstration to help you understand how to use this spread.  It’s always good to have a live example and see the spread in action.

If you like this spread and want to see more, you can download my free book of tarot spreads here….


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