How Positive Thinking Dramatically Improved My Business

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The Power Of The Wheel Of Fortune

The further I delve into tarot and everything associated with it, the more I am realising that we hold incredible power within.  Particularly in the mind.  I want to share a story of how one simple change of mindset to positive thinking had a dramatic improvement on me and my team’s success.  This whole story is inspired by The Whee Of Fortune tarot card.

My Belief

5629526954_2dc1e59517_o I am definitely a believer in setting intentions and asking for the universe to deliver.  However, I don’t see this as some magic external power that will make our dreams come true, like the genie in the lamp!  No, no, no…..I firmly believe that we all have the magic within and if we get in the right mindset we all have the capability of achieving greatness (whatever that looks like to you).

At times we are all guilty of self-limiting beliefs.  If you ever catch yourself saying “ I could never do that” or “I always get that wrong” or “I’m terrible with money” then you are guilty of holding yourself back and actually training your mind to limit yourself.  There is a certain amount of conditioning when it comes to this.  I remember at school being told that I was no good at art so I went through a big part of my life thinking that I couldn’t be creative at all.  It’s amazing the power something like this could hold over you.  I digress…..self-limiting beliefs is a whole blog series on it’s own!

Enter The Wheel Of Fortune

wheel-of-fortune-candleI work in an HR & recruitment consultancy by day and I’m a tarot reader by night.  Recruitment is all about finding the dream role for the people that I meet but it is also a target driven industry and we need to make the $$$$.  My team and I have been doing very well for the last 6 months but I could feel that there was a bit of a change in the air and we hit a bit of a plateau.  I’m in the fortunate position of being in touch with my intuition so I do ‘feel’ these things before they happen.

Recently I developed a range of candles based on the tarot cards. One of the candles is for The Wheel Of Fortune.  This candle is all about focussing on positive energy so you can welcome good luck and good fortune into your life.

This was a perfect opportunity for me to road test the candle.  I brought one into the office and told everybody that this candle was going to turn our luck around.  We lit the candle every day for a week and every time something good happened we put it down to the power of the candle.  Everybody got on board and we did have a lot of fun with it.  It was actually a good way to bring everybody together so we were collectively celebrating success.

Guess what happened next…….WE HAD OUR BEST WEEK ON RECORD! Our performance in that week even exceeded my expectations.

Are The Candles Magic?

So are the candles magic???  No…of course they are not.  What happened is that everybody changed their state of mind.  We all focussed on winning and had a much more positive approach to the business.  Instead of thinking what was going to go wrong we were subconsciously sourcing and therefore manifesting positive outcomes.

I am not saying that you have to go out and buy a Wheel Of Fortune candle to succeed.  However, you are very welcome to  –

positive thinkingYou can use any object but be sure that you have a positive association. It’s important that you believe that it can work.  Maybe you want to get a little Buddha or a waving cat or maybe you invest in some crystals.

I would love to hear your stories of what you do to focus your positive energy. Please post in the comments below with your ideas.

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