Podcast: Why Start a Tarot Business?

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In this episode we are looking at the ‘why’ you should start a tarot business.

In this episode we talk about setting intentions to everything that we do and reference a couple of podcasts and books by Oprah:

Super Soul Conversations – Podcast

What I know for Sure!

We explore the power of intention which led me to recording this episode. I have strong intentions for this podcast but also want you to think about the ‘why’ before you start your own tarot business.

One of the biggest reasons for me has been the change that I have been able to facilitate in other people’s lives. We all have that power. How amazing is that?

This podcast will not only explore tarot as a career path but we will also teach you all the steps that you need to have that thriving and successful business that you have always dreamed of.

Have a listen and enjoy!

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