How To Use Tarot To Connect With Your Pet

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Communicate with your pet through tarot…

Did you know that you can communicate with your pet with the help of tarot?  I know it sounds a bit out there but I’m telling you it works!  Pets are so important to us and anybody who has a cat or a dog will agree that they definitely have a personality and energy so why wouldn’t they have a soul?  Just because they can’t talk doesn’t me that they are not thinking and trying to tell us things.

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13087563_10154172074579187_2668441278747741521_nI’ve developed this tarot spread to  get to the bottom of what little Buster, Molly, Peggy, Ollie or Chino really want us to know.

I reached out to my facebook group to submit pictures of their pets so I could use a live example.  Tink won the prize and I’m sure you will agree that Tink is a little cutie.

You really could ask anything from the cards but I have developed the following:

Pet Tarot Reading

  1. What your pet wants to tell you at this time
  2. What your pet needs right now
  3. What your pet loves
  4. What your pet dislikes
  5. What you need to do for your pet right now
  6. Overall outlook for your pet

So let’s draw some cards and see what little Tink has to tell us.  I usually use the Universal Rider-Waite cards for my readings as they have lots of characters and really reflect every emotion and human experience we have.  However for this reading I’ve used the Wild Unknown tarot deck as the imagery in the cards is very closely aligned with nature and I think it works best when doing this type of spread.


1 – Mother of Wands

Well what I get from this right away is that the lovely Tink wants to be a mummy or she is certainly feeling very maternal.  I also get that she is very protective of her owner.  She has mind of her own and is pretty strong willed.  She just wants you to know that she is happy in the house and really at peace when resting and nesting!

2 – Ace of Swords

She needs something new.  Ace’s are about new beginnings so and swords are about thoughts, ideas and intellect.  It’s almost like she needs you to mix it up a bit.  I’m not saying that she is bored but maybe you can take her mind of the babies by getting her some new toys or maybe a new friend to play with?

3 – 7 of Swords

She is very very wise.  She definitely knows everything that is going on in the house.  She will inject herself into a situation and pretend she is sleeping but she is a bit of a guardian and feels like she needs to collect all the information.  There are a lot of cards about her being protective.  I even wonder if she loves hiding around the house so nobody can find her.  This is just her way of playing and keeping herself entertained.

4 – Father of Swords

She doesn’t like it when she is told off or told what to do.  She doesn’t like to play by the rules and just wants to do things on her terms when she is good and ready.  She sometimes feels that you can be too hard on her and she just doesn’t want to respond to discipline.  I’m also getting that she doesn’t like that you are working so hard and focused on career.  She likes to have you around the house.

5 – Strength (reversed)

You need to have a softly softly approach right now.  She is feeling a bit sensitive as there has been some change but she just wants to know that you still love her.  Lots of cuddles required.

6 – Mother of Swords (reversed)

She is going to come to terms with the fact that she can’t be a mummy.  She does feel a little bit lonely but she is so so wise.  She is a very good energy to have around the family and even though you can’t feel it she is definitely looking out for you all.  She is definitely queen of the castle and will remain there for the foreseeable.

There are lots of swords in this reading which is usually an indication of conflict of thoughts.  I get that she is an incredibly clever cat, more than anybody would know, and there are a million things flashing around in her mind at any one time.  She might come off as cold sometimes but deep down she just wants to be loved and cuddled.

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