Past-Life Tarot Spread

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Past-Life Tarot Spread

Did you know that you can use tarot to explore your past lives?  This past-life tarot spread will give you some clues to help you understand who you were and how that life has affected you.

Here is the layout for the tarot spread:

As you will see you get a lot of information about the past-life.

You can do this multiple times as you could well have a few past lives.

The best way for me to explain this spread is to give you a demo.  This video will talk you through the spread and show you an example:

Why not tell us in the comments what came up for you when doing this spread?


  1. Hi David! Because you’re so pragmatic as a tarot reader, I got really curious on how you would tackle this past like issue. I would have never taken the time to have a look at it from another tarot reader. And I found your spread to be really interesting. What I like the most is that you don’t try to have precise answers but rather looking for energetic imprint. This makes your spread a lot more insightful. It can really help someone to find out about his quest as a soul being. I’m going to try it for myself.

    Thank you for sharing this.

    1. Author

      Thanks Annie. It’s not my usual type of spread but always happy to give new things a go. Hope you get some use out of the spread.

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