Past-Life Tarot Spread

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Past-Life Tarot Spread

Did you know that you can use tarot to explore your past lives?  This past-life tarot spread will give you some clues to help you understand who you were and how that life has affected you.

Here is the layout for the tarot spread:

As you will see you get a lot of information about the past-life.

You can do this multiple times as you could well have a few past lives.

The best way for me to explain this spread is to give you a demo.  This video will talk you through the spread and show you an example:

Why not tell us in the comments what came up for you when doing this spread?


  1. Hi David! Because you’re so pragmatic as a tarot reader, I got really curious on how you would tackle this past like issue. I would have never taken the time to have a look at it from another tarot reader. And I found your spread to be really interesting. What I like the most is that you don’t try to have precise answers but rather looking for energetic imprint. This makes your spread a lot more insightful. It can really help someone to find out about his quest as a soul being. I’m going to try it for myself.

    Thank you for sharing this.

    1. Author

      Thanks Annie. It’s not my usual type of spread but always happy to give new things a go. Hope you get some use out of the spread.

  2. My cards were as follows:

    1. The Magician
    2. Eight of Swords
    3. Three of Pentacles
    4. Ten of Cups
    5. King of Wands
    6. Four of Swords

    This is interesting, as I read tarot cards and this makes a lot of sense. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Hi David … my name is CherryBaby Chapman. am relatively new to tarot reading and have gotten into collecting decks! FUN! anyway, I’ve recently purchased the Buckland Romani tarot deck, but small booklet is in Russian. As u know it’s an 80 card deck and i cannot find any info as to the 2 extra cards and who the characters on the cards represent. Do you have any info at all to share? Don’t feel i could do a proper read with this deck not knowing … any help would be greatly appreciated … Thanks so much … Cherry

  4. Hi David I did the spread and my cards were as follows:
    1) the moon
    2) king of cups
    3) four of coins
    4) page of pentacles
    5) the magician
    6) knight of cups

    Question though: every single card was reversed. Is there a difference? I’m fairly new to tarot interpretation and was a little confused.

    1. Author

      When I see a lot of reversals I tend to think that there is a lot of internal work needs to be done. The overall message that I get is that you need to do a bit of work on yourself to fully reach your potential.

  5. This type of spread is very interesting to me. I have internal struggles that I believe stem from a past life. I suffer terrible anxiety, I’m afraid of loss of control (even going to sleep feels like a loss of control, so I suffer from somniphobia), night time feels like a loss of control because it’s dark and scary. I’m afraid of chaos and being physically held down. It’s like I almost have some sort of fear of having my arms held down and I’m scared and have no control.
    Anyway, I’m new to tarot reading and these are the cards I pulled for this spread. Can someone see a connection to my fears and these cards?
    1. Ace of pentacles
    2. Three of coins
    3. The world
    4. 9 of coins
    5. 2 of swords
    6. 4 of coins


    1. Author

      Oh good. I’m glad it’s useful. Yes, it can sometimes be good to look back to help us move forward.

  6. It looks like my past life correlated to my current life. But how do you read revered cards for “lessons learned” … & “challenges” when upright ( do you just flip the meaning of both?

    1. Author

      It would really depend on the cards. I wouldn’t necessarily flip the meanings. Reversals can sometimes show internal energy so it could be that you have learned the lessons but not yet applied that externally yet. Hope that makes sense.

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