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October 2016 Tarotscope

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It’s that time of the month again folks, tarotscope time, where we have a look and see what’s in store for the month ahead.  I like to draw one card for each star sign to get a flavour of what the next month will be like for you.

Overall there are lots of new beginnings this month.  It’s interesting as we are entering the 10th month.  In numerology 10 is about ending a cycle and when I think of the 10 cards in tarot they are all about reaching your goal.  This leaves many of us wondering what is next.  There is a real collective energy of taking stock and starting a new phase. We see the Death card pop up along with the Page of Pentacles and the Ace of Swords, which can all signify starting something new.

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March 21 – April 19
The Star (reversed)

photo-27-08-2016-18-07-21-1This is a time when you should be healing and growing but you are holding yourself back.  You may find that things are a bit out of balance this month.  You could find yourself consumed by negative thoughts and maybe even feeling a bit listless.  The best thing that you can do at the moment is get a clear idea of what your goals and desires are then start to make a plan and move forward.  Try to get a read on what is making you feel discouraged and work out a way of removing that barrier or blockage.  This card shows that all is not lost and you definitely have the ability to get hope and positivity back to your life but you are going to have to do a bit of work to get there.  Be careful not to shut yourself off.  Get amongst nature and let the healing energy bring some light back to your life.


April 20 – May 20
3 of Wands (reversed)photo-27-08-2016-18-14-07

You are so ready to move ahead but there are a few obstacles in your way.  This is a great month to focus on what is holding you back and work on removing the blockages. It looks like you are destined to travel and follow your passion but there could be a bit of a delay in the process.  This trip could be really good for you in terms of growth and expansion.  Ask yourself where you want to go and what you want to achieve then take the first steps in the journey.  It could be that you are overcome by choice and you don’t know which road to take.  Be safe in the knowledge that all roads are positive.  Just listen to your intuition, follow you passion and you will be a winner.


May 21 – June 20
Ace of Swords (reversed)

photo-27-08-2016-18-11-51Well it looks like you are back to the Aces.  This is the 3rd month out of 4 that you have pulled an Ace.  It looks to me that you are back to the drawing board.  Be careful not to get discouraged.  There is potential that you could miss a great new opportunity this month.  Stay positive and alert for new ideas that are coming to you.  You will feel very inspired at one point this month and it’s important that you act on it as you have a winning idea.  If you are a creative type you could find that you are struggling from writer’s block or feel that your creative inspiration has left you.  Just take a break and allow the space to let the ideas flow.  Being in the 10th month of the year means that we are all ready for something new so this could well be your time to shine!


June 21 – July 22
Page of Wands

photo-27-08-2016-18-15-11There is some good news heading to you this month.  The Page represents a messenger so there is a strong message coming through for you.  You will feel very inspired this month and it’s important that you follow your passion and go where the moment takes you.  You will feel quite excited and have a sense of freedom.  You have had very stagnant cards for the last few months but it feels like there is a new beginning coming for you and it’s time for you to look after yourself rather than looking after those around you.  Be a little bit selfish this month.  Put your foot down and do what you want to do rather than trying to please everybody else.  This month holds adventure and exciting new opportunities.


July 23 – August 22
Knight of Pentacles

photo-27-08-2016-18-09-37-1Slow and steady wins the race is what I think when I see the Knight of Pentacles.  He is not the most exciting or fast moving Knight but he does do things properly.  It’s a great month for building your career or finances but don’t expect any lotto wins!  This is a good time for planning and taking one step at a time.  I wouldn’t rush into any business deals or new job opportunities without doing due diligence.  Be sure that you cross the t’s and dot the i’s.  There are new opportunities ahead of you but this is the month for laying the groundwork and getting a full understanding of the landscape around you before you can charge ahead.  Take your time, do things properly and you will reap the rewards later.


August 23 – September 22

photo-27-08-2016-18-07-51-1This is a month for taking stock on where you are up to in your life.  You may want to check this blog post about taking stock. Being in the 10th month of the year it means that many of us are now looking for new opportunities and wondering what is next.  It’s important to reflect on what you have achieved so far before you work out where you are headed next.  There could be some big changes for you and you are at a stage where you are working out what’s important to you.  This is a change for a new beginning and almost rebirth.  Figure out what is not working for you at the moment in the different areas of your life then make the change.  It’s a very cleansing month for you.


September 23 – October 22
Page of Pentacles

photo-27-08-2016-18-09-28-1You have the seed of a new opportunity in your hand.  It’s up to you plant that seed, nurture it and reap the rewards.  This is a very good month for you when it comes to career or finance.  You still have some lessons to learn so be sure to stay humble.  It looks like there could be a new career opportunity heading your way and you have the chance to do things on your own terms and find a job that really fulfills you.  You still have a long way to go but if you make the right decisions this month you will be on a path that could lead to greatness.  This card can also represent study so if you are thinking of taking a new course then this could be a really good month to make the jump and start.


October 23 – November 21

photo-27-08-2016-18-06-48-1Your card last month was about being on the brink of reaching your goals. It seems to me that you got there but now it’s time for something new.  We have to keep moving forward so once you arrive at your destination you have to ask yourself what is next.  The Death card is all about transformation and about endings which in turn clear the way for new beginnings.  This transition period could be a bit painful but just focus on the sun rising in the background and know that it’s time to clear out what is not working for you.  Ask yourself what is not working and make a conscious effort to remove it from your life.  Remember that death is inevitable so delaying this process will only prolong the pain.


November 22 – December 21
9 of Swords

photo-27-08-2016-18-12-59This could be a bit of a tough month for you.  The 9 of Swords represents stress, anxiety and sleepless nights.  There can be health issues but for me it usually represents some form of mental turmoil.  Something could be keeping you awake at night and you may be experiencing a situation which is weighing heavy on your mind.  You have to keep in mind that anxiety and stress will always pass.  There is a bit of a process that you have to go through but things will get better.  The night is darkest just before the dawn and you are getting close to the sun coming up.  Try to stay positive and focus on what is great in your life.  You might want to look at my post about practicing gratitude as this could help you through.


December 22 – January 19
8 of Swords (reversed)

photo-27-08-2016-18-12-49It seems that you have been a bit stuck and lacking direction.  You have been bumped around from pillar to post and not really understood where you are headed or why the things that are happening to you are happening.  You could be held captive by negative thoughts but that is all about to change.  The thoughts are fading away one at a time and you are going to have a much clearer idea of what is going on.  You have to try your hardest to remove your blinkers and see the bigger picture.  You could be feeling out of your comfort zone but you just need to trust yourself and the path will reveal itself before you.


January 20 – February 18
The Magician

photo-27-08-2016-18-05-12-1You are getting some big cards at the moment.  The Magician shows that you can have all that your heart desires.  You just need to believe that and you have to be prepared to ask for you.  Check out my goals post as it could help you manifest your dreams.  This could be a really magical month for you.  If you are waiting to hear about a promotion or if you are looking for love then this is the month to really emotionally invest and wait for it all to happen.  This card shows that you are multi skilled and very balanced.  You have to draw on all your skills to date and what you manage to manifest for yourself this month will make a long term difference in your life.


February 19 – March 20
4 of Wands

photo-27-08-2016-18-14-15It’s a great month for celebration.  There will be lots of people around you this month and it’s time to embrace community and let your hair down.  There could be engagements or birthdays and it’s also a good month for you to spend time with family.  There is also a reminder in here that you really should celebrate your successes.  So many of us get stuck on life’s treadmill and never stop to congratulate ourselves for how far we have come.  There is a fire in your belly and that is serving you very well.  Stay motivated and passionate and you will have a terrific month.

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Have a great month. xox

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