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Using the Tarot to find a partner

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Stopping short of throwing the deck at someone you like the look of, the Tarot can actually help you find your ideal partner.

But first, rather than seeing the Tarot as fortune telling tool, you need to view it as a guide to help you in your quest to find a mate.

You see, when we rely on the Tarot to tell us about our past, present and future, we can, as every airline pilot says at the beginning of a flight, sit back, relax and enjoy the journey, without feeling compelled to take responsibility for our choices.

When you view the Tarot as an inspirational guide, you put yourself in the driver’s seat and can steer your love life in the direction you want it to go. Exciting, right?

But, like any thrill ride, it takes a little courage, because the Tarot will reveal areas of your life that need attention and your actions, attitudes along with your approach to finding love will be challenged.

The reward of course is a pathway to self-improvement via the gentle reveal of the reasons you might be single along with inspired suggestions on how you can go from table-for-one to party-of-two.

Now and Forever Tarot Spread

Here’s a Tarot spread I’ve called “Now and Forever” designed to give you a new perspective by asking, ‘What action, attitude and approach do I need to change to pave the way to true love?’.

Shuffle, cut the cards three times with your left hand and draw three cards with your right. To demonstrate, I’ve drawn

What action do I need to change?

Pentacles represent practical matters, physical objects, the human body, material resources, money and the five senses.

Page’s represent youthful optimism and exuberance but they lack experience. They have a lot of vitality but no emotional stability.

In the Rider White Tarot deck, the Page of Pentacles looks like he might take a step, but in fact, he stands transfixed, starring at the Pentacle in his hand. He’s surrounded by every gift of Mother Earth; trees for shade, open fields of flowers, ploughed fields to nourish and a mountain range that offers cool air when it’s hot on the plain. He notices none of that.

The action the querant of this reading is encouraged to make is to start looking around at the beauty and resources that surrounds them. This could be literally, as in a prompt to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors more if they have previously been focussing on building material wealth. Or it could be a signal to take a more mature perspective and start looking beyond the physical of potential partners ie: how much they earn, what their body is like.

What attitude do I need to change?

The World is card 21 in the Major Arcana. For this querant, the attitude shift that needs to take place is something of great significance, representing the end of a cycle, enlightenment and realisation.

When I see The World in the context of this question, I see the nymph perfectly balanced in complete harmony with every element. The Rider White deck has a figure suspended within a laurel wreath with two red crosses (kisses?) above and below. I would say this is a person who is completely at ease with themselves and perfectly in love.

The attitude change the querant of this reading is encouraged to make is to believe that this will be them one day. To eliminate any self doubt that they are worthy of true love. They are reassured by this card that they won’t have to compromise their hopes and dreams.

What approach do I need to change?

The Hanged Man. Another Major Arcana card, this time number 12, just over half way in one’s life journey.

The Hanged Man is not tied up or tied down, he’s dangling free and enjoying looking at the world from a new perspective. Around his head is a halo, as if his mind has been illuminated so he can now see things in a new light.

The querant of this reading is encouraged to consider which aspects of their approach to finding a partner need to be turned on its head. This is an opportunity to try new things whether it is to join a different social club, sign up to a new online dating service, stop using the same old pick up lines, abstain from sex until you know the person better.

As a summary to this reading, these three cards are giving the querrant an opportunity to take stock of their current situation and make some large leaps forward to enable them to find the ideal partner. As a starting point, they’re encouraging the querant to look around, love is out there, but not just because it’s not the physical or material way that they’ve previously focussed on (Page of Pentacles) doesn’t mean that they’re going to have to compromise – they’ll be perfectly in love (The World). All it will take is flipping their thinking and changing perspective on a few matters.

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