November 2016 – Tarotscope

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It’s that time of the month again folks, tarotscope time, where we have a look and see what’s in store for the month ahead.  I like to draw one card for each star sign to get a flavour of what the next month will be like for you.

Can you believe we are in to November already?  So November is the 11th Month of the year.  In numerology 11 becomes a 2.  When I think of the 2s in the tarot deck it’s all about finding balance and making decisions.  When we look at the major arcana we get The High Priestess, Justice and Judgement.  There seems to be a bit of a story in here about using your intuition to guide you along the way but you have to be honest and fair to yourself about which direction you will take.

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March 21 – April 19
The Page of Swords

Page Of Swords - Rider WaiteLast month you had to do some healing.  Now it’s time to recover and make sweeping changes.  Once you start to let go of the past and cut the ties with whatever is not serving you, there will be a sense of empowerment that comes over you.  It’s always uncomfortable making changes but you will know what needs to be done and you will find the strength to make it happen. Use the tools that you have at hand to get yourself into a position of power.  If this is in a career setting ,really get in touch with what your strengths are and don’t be afraid to show them.  In relationships, be prepared to let go of the past so you can work on your current or future relationship.  The tide is turning for you and you are having a strong close to the year.


April 20 – May 20
2 of Pentacles

2 of Pentacles - Rider WaiteHere we go with the 2’s, which is very apt for November.  It’s a time of juggling. I feel that there could be a few problems with finances this month.  Maybe it’s that you are heading towards Christmas and have to budget accordingly.  You are managing to stay afloat but things feel a bit wobbly.  Don’t panic – you have got this!  You could feel unsettled this month but part of it is just having the confidence to know that you can achieve your goals.  A lot of it is about perception.  You are perfectly capable but if you only focus on the negative, the self-limiting beliefs will rear their ugly head and you will feel defeated.  Muster that inner strength and start to make a plan to bring balance to your life.


May 21 – June 20
6 of Pentacles (reversed)

6 of Pentacles - Rider WaiteI feel like this has been a real roller coaster of a year for you.  There have been a lot of false starts and a struggle to find direction.  This month it feels like you really want to give back but you just don’t know where to direct your attention.  There are people in need around you but you have to be careful not to be taken advantage of.  It’s kind of like putting the oxygen mask on yourself before helping others.  I think there is a bit more internal work to be done and a bit of building before you can start to effectively help others.  Take some time for yourself and continue to build on the success of the last month.  You are heading in the right direction but just don’t rush into things without taking your own well-being and needs into consideration.


June 21 – July 22
Page of Cups (reversed)

Page Of Cups - Rider WaiteIt’s another Page for you this month.  This time it’s the turn of the cups. I feel that you are taking yourself too seriously.  Let yourself go, embrace that inner-child and have fun.  Don’t be afraid to make yourself look a bit silly.  The 2 Pages in a row show that you are going through a period of growth but it’s important to still have relaxation time.  There is also potential that you are blocking your intuition.  You may want to sign up to my intuition challenge which will help with this. You are ending the year with lots of personal growth but be sure to let your creativity flow and express yourself.


July 23 – August 22
Page of Pentacles

Page of Pentacles - Rider WaiteYou had the Knight of Pentacles last month and now it’s back to the Page.   The Knight is extremely cautious and ensures that every t is cross and i is dotted.  It seems that he has found an area of weakness which you are going to rectify this month.  There is some building that needs to be done when it comes to career or finances.  The great thing is that you have this knowledge and you have the seed of something wonderful in your hand.  It’s important that you plant and nurture the seed so you can reap the benefits.  There are new opportunities heading your way but you are going to have to put in the work to ensure that you reach your potential. 


August 23 – September 22

photo-27-08-2016-18-07-51-1You have exactly the same card as last month.  Coincidence?  I think not.  It means that you really need to listen to this message.  I’ve put the same message here again and it’s obviously important. This is a month for taking stock on where you are up to in your life.  You may want to check this blog post about taking stock.   It’s important to reflect on what you have achieved so far before you work out where you are headed next.  There could be some big changes for you and you are at a stage where you are working out what’s important to you.  This is a change for a new beginning and almost rebirth.  Figure out what is not working for you at the moment in the different areas of your life then make the change.  It’s a very cleansing month for you.


September 23 – October 22
The Moon

The Moon - Rider WaiteYou had the seed of opportunity in your hand last month and this month you will realise that you have to put in the work to reap the rewards.  It’s a long road ahead of you but it is achievable.  You are on the right path but don’t let fear hold you back.  You could find yourself focusing on the reasons not to move forward instead of having the confidence and belief that you can overcome any obstacles.  The Moon is associated with nightmares and illusion so things could look a lot worse than they actually are.  Just put one foot in front of the other and trust that you are heading in the right direction.  Obstacles are never as scary or difficult to overcome as they seem but we will never know unless be find the strength to face up to them.


October 23 – November 21
The Chariot

The Chariot - Rider WaiteYou had Death last month which was all about having a clear out to enable to you move forward.  It seems that you have well and truly embraced this and you are forging ahead to victory.  The Chariot is all about reaching your goals.  Now that you have released the shackles of the past you are free to move on.  You could find yourself being pulled in different directions so it’s important to get the balance right (apt in November).  There is a temptation when we see The Chariot to really embrace the masculine energy and be very active and maybe even aggressive.  The balance comes when you embrace your softer feminine energy where you listen to your intuition and take time get in touch with your inner self.  It’s looking like a great month if you can strike the balance and stay on course.


November 22 – December 21
5 of Wands (reversed)

5 Of Wands - Rider WaiteIt looked to me that you had a tough month last month.  The good news is that things are getting better but it’s still a little bit untidy.  There is a lack of teamwork or maybe even competition but it’s all a bit petty.  It’s time to rise above it and pull everybody together.  When I see this card I think about family squabbling or colleagues jostling for position.  With it being reversed it looks like the competition is falling away and there is hope.  None of this is serious and everything can be fixed.  It will take a bit of patience and will require somebody to take the high moral ground.


December 22 – January 19
The High Priestess

photo-27-08-2016-18-05-21-1Last month you were feeling a bit lost and listless.  It seems that you are listening to my advice and you are thoroughly back on track this month.  The High Priestess is all about following your intuition.  Let it guide you to where you need to be.  You already have all the answers but you just need to clear the space to hear your inner voice.  You may want to check out my ‘Activate Your Intuition’ free 7 day challenge –  This card is telling me that you will be guided in the right direction and should experience a lot more clarity than you have been feeling recently.


January 20 – February 18
The Hierophant

photo-27-08-2016-18-05-48-1You had The Magician last month which was all about manifesting something new for yourself.  Yet again you have another major arcana card, which means that you have been going through some life changing stuff in the last few months.  The Hierophant is all about bringing structure to your life.  It’s time to take a look at your life and bring some discipline where it’s needed.  The Magician could mean that you have welcomed a new experience to your life.  Now you need to make sure that everything is in order so it’s serving you properly.


February 19 – March 20
Ace of Wands

photo-27-08-2016-18-13-53There is a new beginning for you in this 11th month of the year.  Most people are wrapping things up for the year but you are feeling energised and ready to take on something new.  You are going to feel that fire in your belly and a very strong passion.  This could be the start of a new relationship or maybe you are ready to start a new job.  Aces are the seeds of opportunity but it’s up to you to plant that seed and turn it into something wonderful.  Whatever this new beginning is means that you are going to experience some growth as a person.

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