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I’ve brought this post to the front again as it was very popular last year and I know a lot of people enjoyed using this spread.

Heading into a new year is always a good time for reflection.  I also think it’s a great time to start planning for the year ahead.  I don’t make new year resolutions but for many years I have made a list on my iphone of things that I want to do in the following year.  This can be simple like ‘play at least one game of tennis a month’, ‘visit someplace I haven’t been before’ or ‘ be sure to call home at least once a week’.  This has been really good for me and I check in throughout the year and have a review at the end of the year.  I usually don’t achieve everything but it’s nice to have those goals.

If you are keen to do some goal setting you may want to visit my post which has a tarot spread and a goal setting workbook for you to download –

At this time of year I quite often get asked to do forecasts for the year ahead so I decided to develop a spread that covers the most common areas.

New Year Tarot Forecast Spread

This is a 13 card spread that is laid out as follows….


If you would like to download the free PDF with the spread layout just enter your details here.

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If you are doing this spread for yourself or others please feel free to add your own touches.  You can swap out any of the topics that I have chose e.g. career outlook for what you would like to explore.  Some people like health others will ask about their kids.  Do what is right for you.

I do always preface this reading by letting my client know that this is just a forecast and not set in stone.  So many things can change, especially when we are looking 1 year ahead.  However, it does show what path you are on right now and arms you with the tools to overcome those obstacles before they become too problematic.

Case Study

I reached out to my facebook community – and asked for a volunteer to do a demonstration reading for.  I randomly picked Salli and you can view the reading that I did for Salli here.

If you would like to me to do this reading for you, please just click on the button below to purchase.


  1. Hi David, I love your layouts! May I offer them to use with my clients? May I use them on my website (I’m working on developing it still-not yet published) to offer readings that cover specific questions/types?

    1. Author

      That’s totally fine. All that I would ask if you are using it on your website that you put a link to my original post. Thanks, David

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