Deck Review: Tarot of the New Vision

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I wanted to shed some light on this new deck that it just purchased – Tarot of the New Vision by Pietro Alligo (artwork by Rual and Gianluca Cestaro.

Tarot of the New Vision

I’ve seen this deck before and was always fascinated. I was in Hobart, Tasmania last week and found a gorgeous mystical shop called The Page and Cup. It was in this shop that the deck caught my eye and pleaded with me to buy it 🙂

I have had such a great time with this deck that it would be remiss of me not to share my insights with you.

So what is it?

This deck is kind of like a behind the scenes of the Rider Waite. Imagine each card is a photograph and shows a picture from the photographers point of view.

Tarot of the New Vision shows what is going on behind each character and shows you the card from a different point of view.


Is this just a gimmick?

It does sound a bit ‘gimmicky’ but I have been really impressed with the depth that I got from this new point of view.

Did you know that The Magician has a monkey behind his robe? Did you know that The Empress has 2 kids playing with a swan behind her?

Of course, these are the deck creators interpretations of what is happening behind the scenes but it does add a new layer to the meanings.

Will I use the deck for readings?

It’s quite new to me and I’m not convinced that I will use the deck for readings. I may use it if I get stuck on a reading for myself and want a different perspective.

What I will use it for is to add some new perspective to each card. I’m really enjoying going through the cards and entering the scene that the creator has produced.

You can view my review here where I compare a selection of the cards with those in the Rider Waite…


  1. David thank you for that review.
    I’m wondering if it’s similar to the vice versa deck.

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