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Need To Know Tarot Spread

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What I Need To Know

I love working on new tarot spreads. I’m always looking for inspiration and thinking of new ways that we can use the tarot.

One of the common questions that I get asked by clients is “what do I need to know?”.  There are many tarot spreads that can answer this such as the horseshoe or even a 3 card spread.  You can read about some of my favourites here.

One of the spreads that I regularly do for my newsletter subscribers is the Body, Mind, Soul spread where I look at what we need to know for each of those areas.  If you want to sign up to my newsletter, so you get a weekly reading,  you can do so here.

This has been a popular spread that resonated with a lot of people so I decided to take it one step further.

Tarot Suits and Elements

You may or may not know that tarot suits represent a different element.

Swords = Air

Cups = Water

Wands = Fire

Pentacles = Earth

Elements and The Body

We then add another layer to this as each of the elements is associated with a different part of the human psyche or body.

Swords = Air = Thoughts (Head)

Cups = Water = Emotions (Heart)

Wands = Fire = Passion (Gut)

Pentacles = Earth = Material/Physical (Grounding/Legs)

The ‘Need To Know’ Spread

So we see that each of these suits can represent a part of the body.  You can use this spread for a general check-in to see how everything is aligned.  I like to think of this as a ‘need to know’ for each area but I will also look at the overall spread to see what the message is.

When shuffling the cards just ask ‘what do I need to know right now’ then lay one card for each body part, as follows:

I’ve put together a video so you can see an examples of how this spread can come to life.

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