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The 16 Court Card Personalities

I love delving deep into the world of personality profiling.  I have a background in HR and recruitment so understanding how different personalities operate and interact is very important.

Myers Briggs

Myers Briggs MBTI is a really effective indicator of personalities.  You can get a very detailed description of each type on this website.  One of 16 personality profiles is assigned when you take the test.  These are based on Carl Jung’s theories.

I completed the test years ago and I have to say it was scarily accurate.  Reading the description of ENFP was like looking into my soul.  I’ve been a big fan of using this ever since.

I got to thinking….16 personality types and 16 court cards.

I did a bit of research about this and there are a few different ways of assigning the court cards to the personality profiles.  There is a lot of conflicting information out there but the beauty of tarot is that it is not scientific but more based on intuition.

Having read through the personality types I decided to create my own guide, based on my experience with the court cards.

What Court Card Are You?

There is a free test available online, which is based on Myers Briggs.  It won’t give you as accurate a result as having this done by a trained practitioner but it’s a good starting point.

Try the test here.

The Court Card Personalities

If you would like to download these guides as a PDF and also get a bonus Court Card worksheet then just fill in your details here and you will get it instantly….

Download your Court Card Resource Guide and Worksheet

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  1. I have also done a fair amount of work with this concept and although I come up with several different pairings than what I see here, I am definitely interested in how you arrived at your conclusions and am excited to delve into what you have further.

    1. Author

      Yes when I was doing my research I saw that there was quite a lot of conflicting information. I didn’t apply any methodology apart from reading the description and using my intuition to match it with my experience with each of the court cards.

      I really enjoyed working on this and it took me to a deeper level with each of the cards.

    1. Author

      You are very welcome. I really enjoyed the process of putting it together. It turns out that I am the Knight of Cups. :-). I reckon I am all of the court cards at different times but that’s my dominant personality type.

      1. Thank you .. I was looking for your Facebook page. Would love to join it .. And I am the queen of swords ..
        Looking forward to more . Thank you again ..

  2. This is great! I’m an ESTJ, and I pull the King of Swords constantly when reading for myself. I laughed when I saw you paired me with him too! I never thought to connect my MBTI type with my favorite court card. Love it!

    1. Are you police officer or in Law Enforcement in any way? Conservative, Christian, Republican? That’s how I read the King of Swords’, very strict and close minded…

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