How to Avoid Your Mind Going Blank in a Tarot Reading

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How to Avoid Your Mind Going Blank in a Tarot Reading

I recently surveyed my tarot clan to ask what the biggest struggles are when it comes to learning tarot. This inspired me to write this post sharing 8 ways you can avoid your mind going blank in a tarot reading.

I got some really great insights that ranged from struggling to memorise the meaning of the cards to asking how to deal with tricky clients.

One of the common themes was the fear of going blank in a tarot reading. Let’s get real….this can happen! However, there are ways around it and I want to share a few tips to help you cope when and if it happens to you.

Even the most experienced tarot reader can struggle to make sense of a card in a certain position in the reading. This can actually be a good thing as it gives you a chance to slow down, breathe and let your intuition flow.

Here are 8 different strategies you can use if you find your mind going blank in a tarot reading.

Don’t Panic

I get it. This is similar to somebody telling you to stay CALM DOWN when you are in a fit of rage. However, the second you start to panic is the second that your intuition will shut down.

Your breath is going to be your saviour here. If you turn over a card and go totally blank just close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths. Forget about the card and let your mind go blank. Trust me, your client won’t mind at all. It’s all part of the process.

Start Describing The Card

Just take a look at the card and start saying what you see. You might feel silly doing this but the cards are so rich and full of symbolism so you may be surprised and how much comes to you and how much sense it makes to your client.

Yes, you may not get the fullest and most in-depth reading if you are purely describing the card.  However, it can give you the start that you need to let your intuition flow.  It also gives your mind a chance to relax and allows all the knowledge to come flowing back.


Setting your intention before the reading can really help. I rarely have time to do an in-depth meditation before doing a reading but you might want to try it every now and again. You can simply take a few deep breaths through your nose to settle yourself or many you want to go a bit deeper?

My ritual involves lighting a candle, taking a few breaths then visualising myself energetically connecting with the client.

Why not try my High Priestess meditation to help you get in touch with your inner guide?

Touch the Card

Again, this might sound a little bit odd but this can really work.

Place your fingers or hands on the card and imagine yourself entering the scene. Have a look around and visualise what is happening.


I would start by noticing the character.  He is walking away from something.  Does he look happy?  Probably not.  Why would be be walking away in the night? Is there a sense of shame?  The moon is full. What does that mean to you?  Why would he be wearing a red cloak?  What could be in the cups that he is leaving?  Why is there a cup made of stars?  Is it fully formed?  Look at those mountains. It looks like he has a tough road ahead.  Do you think he is doing the right thing?  Notice the water….what could the water mean in the card?  What you do think led to this situation?  What do you think he will do next?  Will he be better off for taking this action?  Are those cups balanced?  It looks like one is missing – what could that mean?


You can keep going and going with this.  Let your mind run free and you will be amazed at where your intuition and creativity takes you.

Use Numerology and the Suit/Element

This is a really simple way of reading tarot but can be hugely effective. Go back to numerology and how it relates to the tarot then pair that with the energy/element from the suit.

E.g – If we know that 2 can represent balance, duality or choices and we know that Pentacles can represent the material such as money, career, property – we can then see that the 2 of Pentacles could represent a lack of balance when it comes to finance or career.  This method can be layered with the others in this post to get an even richer and deeper meaning.

If you are not fully aware of the numerology associated with tarot and how the elements correspond with the suits, you may want to download my handy worksheet.

Ask the Client What the Card Means to Them

Remember that you need to say whatever you are seeing/feeling. So many of us hold back but the magic happens when you are very open. Remember that the reading is for the client and not for you. You don’t know their history and what’s going on with them.

Simply pick up the card and ask how it makes them feel. This is a great way to co-create the reading with your client and involve them in the process.

Look for the Story

Take some time to look at the cards surrounding the card that you are stuck on. Is there a common theme? Are there conflicting stories going on? What could be causing that?

I love storytelling with tarot and often think of the cards as little scenes from a movie or characters in a movie script. Try to think of it as a picture book and look at the big picture rather than just relying on one single card. Check out my previous tarot fairy-tale posts here.

Simply Skip the Card

You can try all these techniques but there may be a time where the card just doesn’t make sense and has you stumped. If this is the case it’s perfectly acceptable to skip over the card.

You can always come back to the card at the end of the reading as you could have discovered more along the way. However, let the guilt go and just know that if that card is not telling you anything then it probably wasn’t that important in the first place.

There you have it – 8 reasons to avoid your mind going blank in a tarot reading.



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