How Tarot Cards are Helping Millenials to Achieve Mental Health Awareness

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I’m thrilled to share a guest post this week that was written by Sophia from Tarot Prophet. I love having guests on the blog who bring something new and a different point of view. Sophia does not disappoint. I hope that you enjoy…

Most of the people avoid tarot cards in the best way they can for a number of reasons. For instance, many fear it may they may reveal something terrifying ahead of them. The undesirable event might be the loss of a loved one or getting very broken in a lifetime. Nevertheless, some individuals have adjusted their thinking after a deeper insight on how helpful the tarot cards can be, especially on mental health. For example, one person’s view of tart cards completely changed after come across the twitter account of Jessica Dore, a mental health expert who goes through them via a therapeutic lens.

The lady shares a card on her feed on a daily basis, touching on significant issues including relationships, precincts, and guilt. They help the person ease anxieties and help reflect more on them. This is just one example illustrating how useful these cards can be. There are many others, such as Dore, who utilize them as instruments for mental health.

The cards help individuals figure out what they exactly want, discerning what is imperative to them, their actual values, and what stands in their way of moving towards the right direction. In this light, it is prudent to carefully examine How Tarot Cards Are Helping Millenials to Achieve Mental Health Awareness. Let’s begin with their significance.

The Importance of Tarot Cards

To begin with, tarot cards address the remarkable now. Mistakenly, many people think the primary purpose of reading the tarot has to do with the future, yet its authentic and conventional aim was to increase self-knowledge using powerful symbols known to all people. Generally, the tarot decks carry a total of 78 cards, 22 of which are Major Africana cards (these are deeply emblematic and depicts what it entails to be a human being), while the rest are Minor Africana cards (they denote the conditions human beings face).

Besides, tarot cards facilitate mental wellbeing. When effectively used, they promote mental health mainly because it involves a highly meditative pursuit. For instance, we can spend minutes, hours or even days to successfully analyze the imagery of the cards and how correctly they apply to individuals. Most of the tarot’s practitioners like recommend to their clients the use of cards for meditation. For example, a client may think they are in the card going through the conditions confronted by the character and see in their mind’s eye the attainment of freedom from a situation beating them down.

Additionally, tarot cards help in gaining insight. While in readings, it quite vital to take note of the cards appearing frequently. For instance, you may get ‘moon reversed’ card, implying that you are struggling with such issues as stress and anxiety.

The nine swords depict a situation of individual battling insomnia and fail to relax as needed due to the nine swords factually dangling on their heads. Reflect on how helpful these cards can be to an individual receiving them. The moon reversed card might be showing that getting assistance from the therapist (probably because the effects of anxiety and depression are severe) is indispensable. The nine swords can be quite significant in meditation practice, where the affected ones think of themselves burdened by the swords, and attempts to identify each one of them. The burns confronted may include financial difficulties, relationship issues, and an unsatisfying job. The imagery in tarot can help meditate and visualize a more favorable outcome to challenges, as well as identifying the major obstacles keeping them away from peace and happiness.

In light of the above, it is evident that tarot cards are essential. However, how to use them matters as well. Find tarot online and learn more about this aspect. The remaining section of this work reviews how as a person you can use them to attain mental health awareness.

How Tarot Cards Can Help Advance Mental Health

As outlined already, the art of tarot is conventionally meant to develop deep spiritual connections and facilitate personal insight into our subconscious. Since introspection and self-exploration are vital in mental health condition, a tarot reading can help in reflecting on personal wellbeing. Nevertheless, it is indispensable to approach tarot responsibly and handle it with self-awareness to guarantee a proper interrelation with the cards. Applying the following tips will help you advance mental health awareness:

•    Set your intents. Remember tarot is meant explicitly for self-identity, developing a link with your spiritual personality and the universe. To prevent a dangerous dependency on the cards, focus on the readings emphasize on bringing self-awareness rather than future predictions. When utilized in this manner, the extent to which tarot can aid your mental health will be evident.

•    Get a good reader. Even though this is solely a personal experience, and that every person possesses the interpretation power, an individual reading may be influenced or affected by the biases towards a particular meaning. It is beneficial to look for a professional and trusted reader.

•    Avoid repetition. It can be easy for one to get fixed on getting the answer to a condition in the cards, especially when the initial interpretation is unsatisfying. Repeating the very same question over time while expecting distinct results may lead to an unhealthy obsession. 

•    Endeavor to Change the Narrative. In most cases, individuals are tempted to inquire the answers to trivial queries such as when to find love or when to advance a career. Remember, the cards hardly predict the future and the solutions offered may be quite frustrating. Ask such questions as what might help you find love or what you can do for advancement in your career. Such wistful questions will help you get a better understanding of yourself.


To summarize the discussion, tarot can facilitate rational understanding and awareness when utilized as a way of inquiry rather than confirmation. Check Tarot Prophet for more tips. Indisputably, the best way to realize internal changes concerning your health and wellness is to get the feeling that it is emanating from within yourself. This something that tarot promotes since you guide yourself.


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