May 2018 Tarotscope

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May 2018 Tarotscope

May could be an interesting month. Being the 5th month of the year can show that we could face some challenges but it’s hard to predict.

5’s in numerology are constantly moving and can show change. I always think of the 5s as being a mid-way or turning point of the story. Given the speed at which a 5 can adapt and change it can be difficult to say which way your month will go. There is a reminder here that we write our own story an make choices which influence the ending.

If we look at the 5s in tarot we can see that they are all a bit troubled. However, nothing is insurmountable. In fact, there is a feeling here that we are on the brink of change and that these experiences will offer lessons which will ultimately help us reach our desired outcome.

Looking at the overall cards that I have drawn for this month, it really looks like there is a lot of potential. We see quite a few reversals, which can show blocked energy but overall there is hope that things could be quite rosy in May.

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March 21 – April 19
5 of Wands (reversed)

Interesting that this has come up for you in the 5th month. There is a real sense here that you are going to get your affairs in order this month. You could be feeling very disorganised and that nothing has been going in your favour. There is a lot of clutter and opposing views. Maybe you have been coming up against some competition ( this can even be internal). The good news is that this reversal is showing that a natural leader is about to rise. It’s only going to take a few tweaks to get yourself back on track. It could be your time to step up and take control. Set your goals for the month but get quite disciplined with the planning process. Planning, organisation and list are going to be your friends this month.


April 20 – May 20
The Hanged Man (reversed)

You have taken your time out to reflect but it’s now time to take action. When we see The Hanged Man he can show that there needs to be some sacrifice. Is there something that you need to let go of? This can be difficult as it can be letting go of something that you have worked hard to achieve. Sometimes we need to take a step backwards to go forwards. Try looking at things from a different perspective. Is there a new approach that you can take? It’s time to get back on your feet and tread new ground.


May 21 – June 20
4 of Swords

You need to take a time out. You have had a lot on your mind and you have to be careful to take some breaks or you will end up being overloaded. Think of this like a computer restarting. If you don’t pay attention to this action things will start to slow up. It would be a good time for meditation, mini-retreat or even just taking some time to go for a walk in nature. You will actually come out of this month feeling refreshed, energised and ready for action. You might feel that you are setting yourself back by taking a break but the rise in your productivity will more than make up for this mini-break. Enjoy yourself and now that you have the tarot cards permission, you can take this break totally guilt free!


June 21 – July 22
King of Pentacles

It’s time to let your inner boss rise! The King of Pentacles is showing that this is a good month to get serious about money or career. It’s also important to seek professional help but you need to take yourself seriously as well. Conditions are very favourable for you to get ahead this month, if you make the right moves. Seek out quality advice and have confidence in yourself that you have all the skills you need to reach your financial goals. It might feel like a bit of a serious month but the work that you are doing now will help you sit back and reap the rewards later. This of this as your financial foundations to help you build for the rest of the year.


July 23 – August 22
King of Cups

We are seeing a lot of Kings this month. The masculine energy of taking action will help guide you through the month. the King of Cups balances this beautifully with the feminine energy that comes with the cups. He is a great listener, counselor or mentor and can help you through your tougher times. It could be that you need to seek out a King of Cups to help you through. He sees the best in others and is a great support. It might be that you need to step up and take this role during May. Helping others can actually help you greatly with your own journey through life. Be kind, be open and wear your heart on your sleeve and you will reach your potential in May.


August 23 – September 22
The Magician (reversed)

I see a real lack of self-belief here. What’s so frustrating is that The Magician has all the tools and skills at his disposal and he has the power to manifest pretty much anything that he can imagine. However, without confidence and self-belief, these tools and skills are useless. Take a break to take stock of all that you have achieved in life. You are an incredible ‘manifester’ but maybe you have put this down to coincidence or luck. What do you have to lose? I want you to focus on 1 this that you want to happen this month. Put all your energy, visualisation skills and efforts into making this happen. Be loud and proud and put it out to the Universe that you want this 1 thing. Maybe you need to do a vision board. I am very confident that you can make it work!



September 23 – October 22
6 of Wands

You are doing great. In fact, people are looking up to you and you have been elevated to a leadership position. There is a sense here that you don’t feel worthy but I am telling you that you are. Be proud of all of your achievements and keep following your passion. What’s so wonderful is that you have become successful on your own merits and not relied on anybody else. You still have more work to do and you might have to get used to being in this position of strength. Don’t be afraid to take some time out to celebrate your successes. I’m getting a feeling that you need to do some teaching? You have come so far that maybe it’s time to share your knowledge to take others on this wonderful journey with you.


October 23 – November 21
Queen of Wands

The Queen of Wands is a natural leader. She is passionate and driven and has a great balance of masculine and feminine. It could be a great month for you to release your inner Queen of Wands. Let the power rise within and take a leadership role. The sunflower symbolises a softness and reminds us that using force is not always the answer. The wands show that you need to follow your passion if you want to be successful. You have the opportunity to inspire others but there is always a little reminder with this queen that you need to use your powers for good. She has a tendency to get a bit aggressive and controlling. Just because you can influence others quite easily does not mean that you should manipulate them.


November 22 – December 21
5 of Cups (reversed)

Things have been a bit tough for you and I see that there has been a period of grief and sadness. It’s now time to start the recovery process. You will likely have t go through the stages of grief (see this post for more info) but you don’t have to get stuck in this place. It’s now time to raise your head and see the bigger picture. You still have some wonderful things going on in your life but you also have to put work into these or there is a chance that the joy will drain out of them as well. All is not lost but it’s important that you start to make some steps forward this month and you will start to rebuild.



December 22 – January 19
The Empress (reversed)

There is a real lack of confidence at play this month. It’s a shame as you have the potential to be totally living in your flow and living an abundant life. However, you need to get conformable with who you are and own it. There is no formula for being successful. It’s not about looking a certain way, acting a certain way or having defined skills. It’s about living your authentic and true life. What are your biggest strengths? Use this spread to find out.  Get out there and embrace all that this wonderful world can throw at you. Get comfortable in your skin and find your own lane. It’s not a time to follow the pack. It’s time to do things your own way and this could totally be your month!


January 20 – February 18
King of Wands

The King of Wands is a fierce and passionate leader. He is very strong and driven. Is this ringing a bell? Maybe it’s time for you to let your inner King of Wands shine. Is it time to step up in your own life and take the lead? You are stronger than you think and you just need to embrace this. It’s important to follow your gut. He is always led by his gut feeling and his passion is what sets him apart from other leaders. It could be that you are going to come across a King of Wands this month. Maybe a mentor or leader will help take you in the right direction. Just be careful as the King of Wands can become a bit aggressive and even controlling if his ego is not kept in check.


February 19 – March 20
Temperance (reversed)

You had Temperance last month and now you have Temperance reversed. Could it be that you have not learned the lesson? It’s important that you find balance in your life. Maybe you have worked on this last month but perhaps you have taken things too far in the other direction. This balance of life is a tricky thing and it can take a bit of experimenting to get it right. Keep at it and you will work it out. Maya Angelou says that we need everything in moderation. Even moderation. Living your life in the centre and finding balance is the key but sometimes that scales will tip on either side. The important part is that we keep working to bring them back to the centre and restore the equilibrium.

Have a great month. xox


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