May 2016 – Tarotscope

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Hi guys, here is my May 2016 Tarotscope. I like to draw a card for each sign to see what’s coming up for you in the next month so you can navigate your way through it seamlessly. I should also add that this month includes Mercury retrograde which is between April 28 – May 22. I’m not massively into astrology as I don’t know enough yet, but everybody is telling me that this is a time to be aware that communication may be a bit off. It’s not a great month to launch any new projects or products and you should definitely back up your email, website, photos etc as this could go awry… have been warned!

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March 21 – April 19
8 of Swords
IMG_4143This shows me that you are on the right path but it might not feel like it. You could be feeling totally lost and that you are having quite a few knock-backs along the way. You might also find yourself being stuck mainly due to self-doubt and negative thoughts. The good thing to know is that you totally have the power to reach your goals but you just need to remove your blinkers and see the bigger picture. What’s lovely about this card is that it looks like the swords (thoughts) are holding you back but they are actually clearing a path for you and guiding you along the way – but maybe not as gently as you would hope. Keep doing what you are doing but have confidence that that you are heading in the right direction and you will find that the ties and restrains slowly start to fall away.


April 20 – May 20
10 of Cups (reversed)

IMG_4144So the 10 of cups is arguably one of the best cards in the pack. It’s really about ultimate fulfilment, love and happiness. It’s kind of like the happy ever after card. With this card being reversed it is showing me that you have potential to have all those things but there are a few blockages in the way. If we were doing a one on one reading I would start to dig into what those blockages are and what you can do to release them. There is also a possibility that you are idealising your relationship. It’s absolutely fine to have flaws and obviously very normal in any relationship. Be careful not to try too hard to present an image to the world that everything is awesome (as the lego people would say). You could also be searching for the perfect relationship but just be careful that you don’t let the 80-90% person slip through your fingers as they absolutely could be the one. So it looks like there are going to be some cracks showing this month but just know that whenever I see this card I see that there is a lot of potential.



May 21 – June 20
Justice (reversed)

IMG_4145Hmmmm….it seems that there is going to be an injustice for you this month. Something just won’t feel fair. Maybe that teammate with less experience will get a promotion or maybe you won’t win the award that you thought you deserved. There is also a possibility that you there is dishonesty around you – this could be you doing to others or others doing to you. The justice card can be very black and white, right or wrong type of energy so you just need to be careful not to be too judgmental and try your best to see things from another person’s point of view. You also have to be careful not to be too judgmental on yourself. We can be our own worst enemies. Try to get the balance of the scales back and have a more balanced view of yourself and of others around you.


June 21 – July 22
Knight of Cups

IMG_4146I really love this card. He is my favourite Knight as he is going off on his journey and very much following his heart. It can be said that he is going on a quest and the cup can represent the Holy Grail so this can sometimes be viewed as somebody who is going on a spiritual journey. You will find yourself making good headway on your path to fulfillment. You are feeling in control and loving what you are doing. It will very much feel like you are in your flow this month. It’s also a good month for communication so be sure to spread the love as you will light up the lives of those around you. In terms of romance maybe this is the month that your Knight in shining armour turns up – or maybe you are the Knight heading to a loved one. All in all it’s going to be a great month so sit back and enjoy the ride!


July 23 – August 22
3 of Pentacles

IMG_4147Being a Leo myself I’m quite happy with this card for the upcoming month. This card is really about expansion and working with others to reach your goal. In the image the character is consulting with architects and builders to build a church. It it’s a good month to start building on the foundations that you have in place but it’s important that you get professional help when you need it. This is a good month for career and money. It’s not going to be that you will reach your goal this month but it’s a great month to consult then get a plan in place so you can start chipping away and get to where you need. This might be a good month to have a review meeting at work and really set your career goals and get a clear path as to how you can reach them. You will definitely be expanding your horizons and taking the first steps on a path to growth.


August 23 – September 22
6 of Pentacles

IMG_4148This is a great month for sharing and giving back. Maybe you have been talking about doing something for charity for a long time? Well this would be the month to do it. It’s all about working out who is really in need then dedicating some time, money, resources etc to that person. You have a lot of gifts and you have certainly achieved a lot in your life but it’s now time to start sharing the love with others. The one warning in this card is that you need to be careful to keep the balance. Don’t give too much of yourself and you should definitely be picky and only give to those who really need it or you may end up being taken advantage of. I hope the training has been going well for that charity marathon you are going to run!!!


September 23 – October 22
Knight of Swords

IMG_4149Woah! Easy there tiger! You are raring to go and ready for action but you need to take your time and think things through before rushing in. You might find that there is a tendency to fly off the handle this month and start arguing or fighting with anybody who looks at you. Just be careful to get all the facts before you launch into battle. There is a chance that you have the wrong end of the stick (especially with the mercury retrograde). Your energy is inspiring and it’s important that you don’t lose that but you just need to try to take a step back this month, get your plan into place before steaming ahead. Also be aware that this card could refer to somebody in your life. Be careful not to get caught up with all their drama and delusion. They might have great energy and ideas but at the moment they don’t have a plan so things will not end well.


October 23 – November 21
3 of Cups

IMG_4150Oh how lovely for your Scoprios. It seems that you have decided to put away the sting in your tail and party with those that you love. Great month to be building on relationships with friends. This is a really good month for a girl’s night out or just to reach out to those around you and be open about how much you mean to each other. You will find yourself being invited to a lot of parties but just be careful not to overdo it. This is also a really good family card. Cups are also really reflective of creativity so it could be a good month to work on creative projects with others. You are going to achieve more together than you could on your own. 3s are about expansion so you will definitely end the month feeling that you have moved forward. This is going to be a great month for you so go out there and grab all the opportunities that you can and more importantly – have fun!


November 22 – December 21

IMG_4151It’s all about balance for you this month. It feels to me that you are dipping your toe in the water with new projects but you have to be careful to find the balance. You also have to be careful to do things in moderation and have patience. I always look at the angel in this card and think that you are being watched over and guided but you have to bide your time. There is also something in here about you riding your soul’s work. However, that is not going to happen overnight. You are starting to take a step in the right direction but things will be revealed when they are supposed to. Just be patient with those around you. You might have some difficulty understanding their motives but it’s important for you to see the bigger picture and take the higher ground. You are not going to have a really dramatic month but you should just surrender and let life take you where it wants to take you. There is always next month when you can start running for your goals but for now just live in the moment and go with the flow.


December 22 – January 19
7 of Wands (reversed)

IMG_4152Busy busy busy! You have things flying at you left right and centre. You are a great multi-tasker and usually really adept and juggling all of these projects but this month it’s going to feel that things are getting on top of you. Take a deep breath and prepare yourself for a busy month. You definitely have the power to stay on top of things and you will, but you will probably feel overwhelmed, to say the least. You are definitely somebody who goes into things with great passion but there is potential that you will feel like you are losing your mojo. Maybe you need to prioritise and work out what is really important to you then focus on that area. Regardless, you will definitely get through this, even though you might feel a bit battered and bruised by the end of the month.


January 20 – February 18
9 of Swords

IMG_4153Grief and anxiety is around you this month but what I want to say right off the bat is that it’s coming to an end. It feels like you have been going through a really tough time that is causing sleepless nights. There may be somebody around you who is having health problems and that is weighing heavily on your mind. You might feel that you are going to be stuck here for a while but you have to remember that the night is darkest just before the dawn. The sun is just sitting there below the horizon waiting to bring back and bit of warmth, joy and happiness back to your life. Try to stay hopeful and trust that any negative situation that you face will be coming to an end soon.


February 19 – March 20
King of Cups

IMG_4154Great month for communication (even though it’s Mercury retrograde). You are going to buck the trend and find that you are openly communicating and people will really be looking to you for leadership. It’s important to remember that people respect you because you lead from the heart. The King of Cups can also represent a counsellor so if you are having and relationship problems this card could be saying that you need to communicate with each other or maybe it’s time to get professional help. Either way it’s going to be a positive month for you as long as you remember to speak openly and share your feelings with others. You are also a great listener so don’t be surprised if you find people queuing up at your door this month to share their problems with you.

Have a great month!
To be honest there were some quite heavy cards in there this month. Hopefully we will all get through May unscathed and let’s see what June has in store for us.

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