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Most people think that the tarot is purely used for predicting the future or getting to know yourself better (both great uses for tarot) but lately I’ve been playing around with using the tarot to manifest your dreams!  This has been really exciting and what I like about it most is that you get clear direction and practical advice about what steps you need to take to make those dreams a reality.

It should be said that, as always, you are the one in the driving seat.  We all have the power to control our own destiny so this technique can’t be used on other people.

It’s really important to think carefully about what it is you want to manifest!  As the Pussy Cat Dolls famously taught us “Be careful what you wish for ’cause you just might get it”!!!  Have a good think about what you are wishing for and be sure that it will serve your higher purpose and ultimately make you happier.  A good tarot reader will be able to work with you to help you refine exactly what your goals are and help you get insight into what a fulfilled life looks like for you.

I take a slightly different approach for this reading and actually choose 3 cards prior to the reading.  In the tarot deck The Magician card is a powerful card and he is the one who can help you turn thoughts into reality.  I like to take him out of the deck and place him in the top corner to oversee the reading and help me and the client get what we need from the reading.

I work with the client then choose cards 1 and 9.  Card 1 represents your current position, with regards to the question and card 9 represents your goals, hopes, dreams etc.  These cards will vary depending on what your question is.  For instance you might have a brand new business idea so I would probably choose something like the Ace Of Swords or Ace of Wands which are seeds of new ideas.  Your goal may be to make this a financial success so I could choose the 10 of Pentacles or maybe you want this business to afford you more opportunity to travel.  In that case I could make card 9 The World.

The cards in-between 1 and 9 represent the steps that you need to take to reach the goal and are as follows:

Horseshoe Spread-2

  1. Where you are now
  2. What you need to know about making your dream a reality?
  3. What’s going to help you?
  4. What do you need to let go of or do less of?
  5. What obstacles could stand in your way?
  6. How should you tackle that obstacle?
  7. Who can help you, if anybody?
  8. How quickly will this happen?
  9. Your goal!

This spread is really good for giving you clear advice on what you need to do but it is absolutely over to you to take action on the advice.  I’m always banging on about meditation but I really do believe that if you take the time and allow the space to focus on these goals then you get a lot more clarity.

I’m actually launching a new product in the next few months that’s going to help you take the next steps so watch this space!!!

I did this spread for a lovely friend of mine recently and she has very kindly agreed that I can share her example.  I always think it’s easier to follow along when you see a live example.

My friend is really talented and has a million creative projects going on at the moment, all at different stages but none of them are yet completed.  I wanted to draw some advice for her  about how she could reach her goal of making these projects commercially successful whilst also being authentic to who she is.

Here is what came up for her….


1. Where you are now.  I chose the 7 of cups as I feel that you have many options and creative projects going on at the moment but none of them are quite realised yet, which could be leaving you feeling a bit unfulfilled, scattered and even overwhelmed and just not knowing which way to turn.
2. What you need to know is the King of Pentacles reversed.  He is telling me that you need to defy convention.  You are going to take a very non-traditional route and it’s not actually about money for you, although I feel that will come in time.  I’m also getting that you don’t actually need to listen to other people. Really trust your own intuition and seek advice from like-minded people rather than traditional business types.
3. What is going to help you is finding some focus on one project.  The Knight of Swords wants to rush ahead but with it being reversed I feel that he is a bit stalled because there is so much going on.  Almost that you are trying to do everything at once and that is actually making things slower for you.  You need that clarity of the sword to really cut through and complete one project at a time.  Once you set yourself a goal and timeline to complete the one project everything else will flow.
4. What you need to let go of or do less of – interesting one as it’s The Lovers reversed.   For you in this position it could be saying that actually you don’t need anybody else to complete you and you can absolutely do this on your own.  That’s not to say that you won’t ever meet anybody but it’s more about your not needing to meet anybody to make this particular dream a reality.  
5. What obstacles?  This is clear as day to me about stop doubting yourself and stop looking to the past.  We all end up with battle scars from what we go through in life but it’s important not to let them define you. I actually feel there is some significance with this card being right in the middle and it’s also telling that he is looking to the past and looking at The Lovers.  You have put some walls up from what you have been through but with this being a 9 it feels to me that you really are ready to let everything go and live in the moment.  
6. To tackle that obstacle you need to find the Page of Cups energy.  For me this card is all about releasing your sense of fun.  It’s about being silly, letting your hair down and not worrying about what anybody else thinks.  Being a Page I also feel like it’s saying you need to go back to basics with your emotions.  I keep getting that it’s really important for you to have fun and just let go.  
7. Who can help?  Hmmm I see that you are heading off on this journey on your own. 3s are about expansion and learning so I think you are going to learn a lot along the way and I definitely think you are going to meet people on your journey that you will collaborate with. However, you shouldn’t go into this in a partnership but do be open to meeting different people and almost having that traveller spirit.  
8. How quickly with this happen.   When I see the Queen of Cups I see her being really intuitive so it could be saying just do it when the time is right for you.  You will know better than anybody. The Queen of Cups is in Cancer so June/July might be a good time for you to push ahead.
9,  I picked the 9 of Pentacles as your goal as I see this as being a woman who is independent and living a life of abundance.  It’s maybe a bit of an earthy card for you but I see her being really happy and the fact that she is out in the garden surrounded by nature makes me think that she is doing things on her terms and has a good balance.
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