Ask Valentina: What is blocking love in my life?

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We’re inviting people with a question about romance to write in asking for guidance on one thing that’s weighing on their heart. The reading is free and one question will be chosen every month to be a topic in this blog series, “Your love questions”. Anonymity assured!

Thank you to Madam X who wrote in this month asking,

“What am doing to block love coming into my life, and how can I open myself up to finding love?”

While two questions in one, they can be answered with my “Your blocks to true love revealed” five card spread. It looks at the current situation, the basis or underlying factors that have lead to that situation, the recent past, what will help unblock romance and finally, the likely outcome. (See spread layout below).

Your Blocks to True Love Spread

With Madam X’s question in my heart, I pulled these cards.

Four out of the five of the cards are Major Arcana indicating that Madam X’s path to unblocking love in her life is truly one of her biggest life lessons. It also tells me that this could be an unusually heavy, yet insightful reading.

David Harvey’s Tarot Reading Tip:

When reading the cards for your self or others, look at what suit is dominant. It’s just as important to look at what elements are missing to create balance.

Her current situation is indicated by The Devil in the reversed position. This is a very good omen. In the reversed position this card indicates that Madam X is already letting go of limiting beliefs and is looking deep within to explore the dark thoughts that are holding her back from finding true love. She’s on the verge of a breakthrough.

David Harvey’s Tarot Reading Tip:

When reading the Major Arcana, don’t forget to look at the number on each card. Numerology is a great key to unlocking Tarot’s mysteries.

The basis of Madam X’s situation is shown by The High Priestess. As the second card in the Major Arcana, it suggests she’s at a cross-roads. It also tells me Madam X has been spending a lot of time developing her intuition, studying, meditating and getting in touch with her divine feminine nature. These are all wonderful things to do. Yet, The High Priestess sits on her pedestal – remote and untouchable – even protecting herself from the outside world with a snuggly cloak.

The next card, The Tower, shows she has very good reason to retreat from the dating world. In her recent past, some type of terrible catastrophe entered her romantic life. Something that shook her to the core and gave her the wake up call she never wanted, but needed to hear.

Look at the next card in the spread and see that The Hermit is looking down at The Tower and The Devil, holding a light over the cards. The Hermit’s appearance is reassuring Madam X that she is on the right path with meditation and contemplation, but needs to stay the course. Remember the message of the Devil reversed? The idea of looking inwards at fears, secrets and your true self can be very confronting and something that Madam X might seek the help of a professional therapist to guide her through rather than facing it alone in silent solitude.

David Harvey’s Tarot Reading Tip:

In any Tarot reading, always look at the direction the figures are facing. Their gaze can help you connect individual cards and reveal a more complete story.

Finally the outcome card. The Seven of Swords. For Madam X, I believe this card is giving her permission to put her needs before others, she may feel like it is selfish, but this is her time. Investing in counselling will be a great complement to all “The High Priestess” work she’s been doing. It will combine to give her confidence to trust that she knows when someone isn’t being honest with her. The card is also telling her through self-acceptance she will become open to receiving love into her life.

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  1. Im very new and im so happy i stumbled upon your site from a simple google search, im very intrigued on how you were able to pull the devil in reversed position. Was it just you happened to pull it differently than the others when placing it down? or was it in the deck that way to begin with?

    1. Author

      The deck was that way to begin. I never force a reversal but my deck will usually have about half and half of upright and reversals.

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