How to find true love with tarot!

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Finding the Right Partner

The 2 most common themes for any tarot reader worldwide are love and career.  Of course these are really important topics for anybody out there so I decided to design a tarot spread to help clients focus on attracting the right partner.

As with many of these things we need to look within before we can start looking externally and this spread gives detail on what we should focus on, what can help us and what we should avoid.  My belief is that we can have everything our heart desires but you truly need to trust and believe that it will happen.

Horseshoe Spread-6

  1. What I need to know about myself right now
  2. What does my soul seek in a partner
  3. What are my best qualities in a relationship
  4. What obstacles/blockages do I need to overcome
  5. How should I best deal with the obstacles/blockages
  6. General outlook

I reached out to my Facebook group to see if anybody was willing to let me demonstrate.  I picked one at random so this example is for the lovely Amy.

FullSizeRender 44

What Amy needs to know about finding a partner is that she needs to break the cycle and start doing things differently.  It looks like she has a lot of offers coming to her but they are boring to her and she is becoming disillusioned. Remember we are looking for the ideal partner.  She has to have a different approach be it where she is looking or the type of person she is attracting.   I get that there is a bit of a reluctance to listen to other people’s opinions as well so that’s something she needs to watch out for.  I also feel that she doesn’t quite understand what her true strengths are when it comes to a relationship and can’t see what others would value in her.  Excellent – as that is a later card in the spread.

This is interesting to me as upright this card is all about wealth and financial security but when it’s reversed it’s saying to me that money is not one of her key drivers.  She is really focused on finding somebody who will align with her in terms of values.  It’s also important to Amy that she finds somebody who will tie in with her current life (family and friends).  There is a bit of a reservation there that the person won’t be accepted by those around her.  The soul is absolutely seeking somebody who she can grow old with.

Her best qualities in a relationship are absolutely her passion, energy and flair.  I see that when she falls in love she falls hard!  She is a real go-getter who loves to make the most of life and loves to go charging in.  She has put on some armour so I’m getting that she has to be careful not to come off too hard and she does have to let people in.  I also feel that she is going to end up with somebody who really balances her out.  He will be calm, down to earth and probably quite slow moving; whilst she will be rush, rush, rush.  I think this will work well for her though.

Obstacles and blockages.  There has potentially been some financial hardship but my feeling is that it’s coming to an end and she is coming out the other side.  I’m wondering if she has been in a previous marriage that has come to an end as this card can sometimes signify ‘for richer, for poorer’.  It’s interesting to me that the soul card was saying money is not important but the obstacle card is about not having as much money as you would like and feeling quite isolated.  What’s really encouraging in this card is that no matter how tough times get, she will always have her companion by her side.  In terms of removing this blockage she needs to be sure to get her finances in order to enable her to move on and be in the proper head space to meet somebody else.

She should best deal with the blockage by being quite frugal! How interesting that a pentacle card came up for the blockage and the way to overcome the blockage (pentacles are all about money and career).  She needs to really get herself quite disciplined when it comes to finances and be sure to hold on to what she has.   She has learned some lessons and in some ways she has had to take a step back but the good news is that she is building a foundation to have a really good future.  I still feel that she has a way to go but she is much more determined and wiser than she has been in the past.

The outlook is showing that she is on the right path but still has to do a bit of work before she will be ready to find that ideal partner.  She has actually been doing some soul searching and she is terrified of being on her own but again I feel that she has learnt some good lessons and is in a rebuilding phase.  My advice would be to continue to reflect and maybe even do some simple mediation to help put you more in touch with yourself.  It does feel to me that you are currently on a bit of a journey and taking some really good steps along the way.  I do see a bright future for you but you must be sure to keep doing the good work that you have started so you can reach your goal.

So as you see, we don’t always get an immediate band aid fix to our problems but what is great about tarot is that we get a bit of perspective and a chance to see the bigger picture.  Amy is not with her perfect partner right now because she is not in a position to receive the love that she so deserves.  This is not about apportioning blame at all, it’s all part of life’s journey.   I certainly wish you all the best.

If you have any questions about this spread, or any others for that matter, then feel free to comment below or drop me an email

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