Lessons for success from Tony Robbins and Richard Branson

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What we can learn from super successful entrepreneurs

Those of you who know me now will know that I’m really passionate about bringing tarot to the mainstream.  I get really inspired by entrepreneurs as the common thread that I am finding with almost all successful entrepreneurs is that they are really ‘tuned in’ when it comes to intuition and being in touch with their soul’s purpose.

Tony Robbins Inspiration

I recently shared a short clip on my Facebook page of Tony Robbins talking about how he does a 10 minute meditation every day where he practices gratitude and visualises a white light from above pulsing through his body giving energy and healing.  He then thinks of 3 outcomes that he wants and sees and feels what it is like when they are achieved.  I thought this was very cool as 10 minutes is very achievable for everybody.  His reasoning was the most people’s negative reactions come from either anger or fear.  He said it’s very difficult to be grateful and angry at the same time.   Why not give it a go.  He broke it down as follows:5 SIMPLE STEPS FOR SUCCESS-3

  1. Spend the first 3 minutes thinking of 3 things that you are grateful for.  Can be really simple like the wind in your face, your family or the fact that you have food on the table.  It’s completely up to you.  He did state that it’s really important to put yourself in that moment.  If you are thinking of a great time that you had at a theme park then actually imagine yourself on that roller coaster about to go over the edge.  It shouldn’t be a distant memory. You should think, feel, smell what it’s like.
  2. Spend the next 3 minutes imagining a white light from above filling our body.  It should reach every muscle and you should be relaxed in the knowledge that this light is bringing you healing, warmth and energy.   Then imagine that the light is radiating out of you and reaching those around you.  Actually think of who you want the light to reach.  Almost put them in circles and imagine that you are sharing the healing  and positive energy with those people.  It can be family, friends, clients – anybody!
  3.  Step 3 is thinking of 3 specific outcomes that you want to achieve.  You should see them as done and think how it feels to have reached the goal.  Really put yourself in the situation and notice the positive impact it has on your life and the life of those around you.  He didn’t actually talk about the last minute but I think you just take this time to really check in with yourself and ask what it is you need right now to help you reach your potential.  If you have tarot cards maybe draw a card and sit with that one for a minute.  If you don’t then check my Facebook or Instagram as I draw a card every day for my followers.

Richard Branson Inspiration

If you are on Linkedin you may have seen the post that is doing the rounds about what one particular lady learned from spending time with Richard Branson on Necker Island. I’m always looking for inspiration for new tarot spreads and just loved that he had to say.

I just love everything about this and it really resonates with me.  I do try to live my life by these rules but it’s not always easy.  I wanted to take a look to see how tarot could help us succeed in this way.


  1. I have a tarot spread that I developed about finding your purpose/calling in life.  This would be perfect in this situation.  Check it out here.
  2. For this point I would be  thinking about relationships that are not it a great spot and maybe try to get a better understanding of why.  A three card spread would do the trick. (1) Why do I feel that way about x? (2). What action to I need to take so I can treat them better? (3) Where is my relationship with x headed?
  3. Finding your weaknesses is really important.  I’m planning to do a whole series on finding the dream job and a big part of this will be to focus on weaknesses (or the more gentle way of putting it – areas for development).  Again a three card reading would suffice. (1) What is my biggest area for development? (2) What will help me improve in that area? (3) Should I be seeking external help?
  4. You don’t really need tarot cards for this but I would say it’s about goal setting.  Start to really visualise where you want to get to.  Think about why you want to get there, how that is going to make you feel and what it’s going to bring to your life.  Then start to think how that is going to help others.  How are they going to benefit?  What good are you doing in the world?  What’s the overall purpose?  It really links back to the find your calling spread.
  5. This one is pretty much self explanatory.  You need to channel the energy of The Fool tarot card and just make the jump.  You could draw one card and ask ‘what is going to help me find the courage to take a risk and try new things?’

As you see you can really dig deep with a lot of these points. However, I’ve put together simple 5 card reading that you can try:Horseshoe Spread-7

  1. What is my calling/what do I enjoy?
  2. How do I treat people. Is there anything that should change?
  3. What are my biggest weaknesses or areas for development?
  4. How will what I do help others?
  5. What will give me the courage to take a risk?


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