June 2018 Tarotscope

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June 2018 Tarotscope

June can be a powerful month. It’s half-way through the year and offers a good opportunity for us to reflect on how we are tracking.

What have been your highs and lows in this 6 months? Could you have done anything differently? What are you most proud of? How are you tracking against the goals that you set at the start of the year?

All these questions can give us the motivation to keep on track. It’s not too late to set your goals or even adjust your goals. Check out www.tarotavenue.com/goals for your free workbook that will help you with your goal setting.

The 6s in tarot are about harmony and compassion. We have been through a bit of a roller-coaster so far and finally shaking off that unpredictable energy of the 5s.

We will be moving from Gemini to Cancer so there is a real transition to looking at home life, family and community.

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March 21 – April 19
Knight of Cups (reversed)

It feels to me that you are a bit lost this month. There is so much potential and your soul is craving a new direction but you are not quite sure where to head. It’s time to do some reflecting on what will truly make you happy. Have you been chasing the wrong dreams? Figure out what is important to you, set those goals then go and get them. There is a sense of a quest or spiritual journey when we see this card. You know deep down what you need to do but change can be confronting and scary and perhaps you are suppressing your true soul’s purpose. This could be a really big and interesting month for you but you have to commit to listening to your heart rather than your head.


April 20 – May 20
Wheel of Fortune (reversed)

There is good news heading your way but there is some work to be done. I always see the Wheel of Fortune is a good news card but the reversal can show that the potential is not fully realised. It can show as a delay to the news but can also show a slightly watered down version of events. Ask yourself what it is that you can do to fully realise your potential this month. Quite often things are out of our hands as this is very much a destiny card. You know the saying ‘you make your own luck’? All this rings true in this occasion. Yes, destiny is at play but you need to do all that you can to ensure that the conditions are as good as they can be. An example would be putting as much work as you can into a job application, putting yourself out there to find love etc. You need to meet the Universe half-way and play your part.


May 21 – June 20
The Hanged Man (reversed)

You need to view things from a different angle. Perhaps you have been trying hard to make things work but you just feel that you are not in your flow. Remember that if it’s not working then it’s probably not right. It’s not about taking a completely different direction, it’s about taking a different approach to the problem. Take some time out and allow the space to let the ideas flow. Try turning the problem on its head! Don’t be afraid to take a step backward to move forwards. This is not a time to be pig-headed and use force. Be ready to pivot and keep trying new approaches until you find the right path. This could apply to love, career, finances or really any aspect of your life.


June 21 – July 22
6 of Wands (reversed)

It’s time for you to celebrate your successes and rise up! Whether you like it or not, people are looking up to you recognising you for your achievements. We live in a society where we are discouraged from being proud or from recognising and celebrating our strengths. Remember that you can still achieve all of this whilst remaining humble. There is a difference between arrogance and knowing what your true worth is. This is a great time to focus on your self-confidence, to recognise your worth and to put it out there to the world. I have some tips here on how tarot can help you build your confidence http://tarotavenue.com/confidence/


July 23 – August 22
The Chariot

It’s all happening my friends! We are on a roll this month and there is no stopping us. The path ahead is clear, the chariot is finely tuned – now it’s over to you to take control and take action. Conditions couldn’t be better. We still have a responsibility to make things happen. This is definitely a good month to focus on goals and get clear on what you want to achieve. If you don’t have a clear endpoint you could end up straying from the path. Remember that you control the sphinx. The black and white show that there are opposing forces at work and you could be pulled in different directions if you don’t take control. You have all the power and skills to take you to victory this month. How exciting!


August 23 – September 22
3 of Pentacles

This is a month where you are setting the foundations for future growth. Again, you should be thinking about goals and planning what you are actually building. If you are running a business it could be a good time to focus on that business plan before you lay the first block. It’s important to work with others and get professional help when you need it. Remember that you can’t do everything on your own and it’s probably not productive to try. Work as a team, be clear about what you are building and you will experience growth this month. You are putting the building blocks to prosperity and future security in place this month.



September 23 – October 22
3 of Swords

You could find yourself having to make some tough decisions this month. There is a conflict between the heart and the head. Sometimes we have to make a decision that we know is the right thing to do but it can weight very heavy on our heart. This could be leaving a toxic relationship or maybe moving away from family. You know that you are doing the right thing but this doesn’t make it any less painful. You could be set for some heartache this month but remember that it’s just a storm and it will pass. Those dark clouds will pass and the sun will shine again. It can be difficult to believe this when you are in the middle of it but a bit of faith will see you recover relatively quickly.


October 23 – November 21
Knight of Pentacles (reversed)

The Knight of Pentacles is a firm believer in ‘slow and steady wins the race’ however, he is in danger of getting stuck. He is one of the smartest knights as he really takes time to survey the land and find the most fertile ground before planting the seed. The danger is that you can become stuck in planning mode. With everything in life, balance is the key. You need to find that balance between planning and action. Goal setting is wonderful but you have to then take the action that will take you closer to the finish line. Putting your desires out the Universe is essential but you need to take action as well to set the wheels in motion.


November 22 – December 21
Queen of Wands (reversed)

The Queen of Wands can be passionate, fiery and an inspirational leader. When she is reversed we have to be careful that she doesn’t become too controlling or even slightly aggressive. With power comes responsibility and this queen has to be sure to use her powers for good. This could be a warning that you need to be sure that your intentions are good or perhaps you need to look out for a Queen of Wands type personality in your life. Don’t let others lead you down a path that you don’t want to go down. Stay true to your values and you will have a great month.



December 22 – January 19
The Magician

You are on a bit of a roll. You had the Empress last month and now you have The Magician. This card is all about manifestation and making your dreams come true. You have so many skills and tools at your disposal. You just need to figure out how to use them to get to the outcome that you desire. This is a great time to get clear about what your truly desire. You have all the skills to make your wildest dreams come true but you need to have the self-belief that you can do it. We are not a product of our environment, we are a product of our expectations. Set your expectations high and back yourself. You will be amazed at what you can actually achieve.


January 20 – February 18
The Devil (reversed)

Our fears can leave us feeling overwhelmed and stuck. You need to find the confidence to face your fears and tackle them head-on. There is potential this month that things can get on top of you. If you look at the card you will see that the chains are actually quite loose around the necks of the prisoners. This shows that you have the ability to release yourself from those chains. The first part of the process is to discover what your true fears are then you can deal with them one at a time. Don’t let the process put you off. Take it one step at a time and you will find yourself becoming free.


February 19 – March 20
7 of Pentacles

Things are not as bad as you think they are. In fact, you are on the up! The land is fertile and you are experiencing growth. Yes, there will be a setback or 2 along the way but the main thing is that you are still moving and growing. Don’t get stuck worrying about what is going wrong. Take some time out to reflect and focus on how much you have achieved. You are definitely on the right track. Even though you might not be seeing as much progress as you want to see you need to know that a lot can be happening behind the scenes. You can’t see them but those roots are spreading and nourishing everything that you have worked so hard to achieve. Enjoy the process and you will win this battle.

Have a great month. xox

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