June 2016 Tarotscope

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June Tarotscope

It’s that time of the month again folks, where we have a look and see what’s in store for the month ahead.  I like to draw one card for each star sign to get a flavour of what the next month will be like for you.

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March 21 – April 19
4 of Cups

IMG_4393You might be feeling stuck in a bit of a rut. You have to be careful not to repeat the same mistakes that you have in the past as you will find yourself in a cycle that is not delivering joy to you.  You must also be careful not to be stubborn and you must be prepared to accept help when it’s offered.  You are feeling that you keep being offered the same things from the universe over and over but don’t be despondent as you might actually miss out on a good opportunity.  Relationship wise this could mean that you keep repeating the same mistakes when it comes to finding a partner and choosing the wrong people.  It’s time to lift your head and start being grateful for what you have around you and most importantly you must keep yourself open to new opportunities.


April 20 – May 20

IMG_4394This could be a great month for you.  You finally feel that you have the inner strength and power to overcome your issues.  You have been through some major life experiences recently.  They may have been painful at the time but it’s something you had to go through as you are feeling much stronger as a result of this.  You are definitely feeling in control and quite dominant so it’s a good month to assert yourself and tackle any issues head on.  It’s all about empowerment and courage so go out there, let the inner lion roar and kick some butt!


May 21 – June 20
Ace of Swords

IMG_4395This is going to be a great month for inspiration.  You will feel that you have a really strong idea coming to you like a bolt of lightning.  This is a winner of an idea so it’s important you act on it.  I don’t really have to say that as you are also going to have a really strong will to execute what comes to you.  The universe is handing you a golden opportunity but it’s up to you to recognise this and run with it.  If you are a writer or like writing then this will be a very good month for you.  The ideas will flow and you will feel that you are completely in your element.  Keep up the good work. Can’t wait to hear about all your new projects that are coming to fruition.


June 21 – July 22
6 of Cups (reversed)

IMG_4396This could be that you are living in the past and thinking of a previous partner.  The problem with this is that the relationship you had with this person didn’t particularly serve you very well.  You may even find that somebody comes back into your life from the past but you have to be careful that their intentions are right.  You have to also really protect relationships with family this month as there may be a bit of a strain there and a break down of communication.  keep your family close and try to live in the present as you have everything you need to live a great life right here and right now.


July 23 – August 22
4 of Pentacles

IMG_4397Things are good this month and you might be slowly getting back on your feet financially.  However, you just might feel a bit stuck.  Saving money is not exciting but it is necessary at this time.  In terms of career it’s a good month to get your head down and kind of plod along.  It’s not going to be the most exciting month but it’s really important that you keep focus on what you are trying to achieve as it will lead you to better things in the future.  Being a Leo I know how impulsive we can be and we certainly don’t like to sit still but this is a month for consolidation, no matter how dull that feels to us!  Let’s hope that next month is full of fun!


August 23 – September 22
The Star

IMG_4398You have been through the mill recently but this is a great time for rest, relaxation and recuperation.  It’s all about healing this month and being sure to take from the earth as well as give back.  It’s a great month to get out in nature as this will definitely hep with the healing process.  I also want to tell you to watch out for animals this month as I feel that they are giving you some guidance and spiritual healing at this time.  You are going to feel very relaxed coming out of this month even though it might feel like a bit of a process.


September 23 – October 22
King of Pentacles

IMG_4399Last month you were the King of Swords and this month you are the King of Pentacles.  You are clearly loving being in charge and in control but you have moved from ideas and intellect and you are putting this into action.  You are definitely the boss this month and you know what you are talking about.  If I were looking for business advice I would be coming to see you this month.  Just be careful not to become too arrogant and remain humble. This is a great month for financial planning and getting your career and business matters on track. It’s time to boss up!


October 23 – November 21
Page of Pentacles

IMG_4400You are feeling so inspired this month and you have a seed of an idea that you are ready to plant.  Things are feeling really light for you and you are in a learning phase but it’s a great time to put some of those ideas into action.  You have a really good head on your shoulders and even though you still have a lot to learn you are definitely on the right path.  You will have a really clear vision of what’s going to help you move forward and once you gain the confidence there will be no stopping you.


November 22 – December 21
5 of Cups

IMG_4401I hate to tell you but there is going to be a little bit of grief this month.  You are stuck in the position of looking at what’s not working and what’s going wrong rather than focussing on what’s good in your life right now.  You actually have a lot going for you but you can’t seem to see it.  Once you start to lift your head and look around you will see that you have some great support and there is some really lovely stuff happening in your life right now.  It’s a bit of a process but try to stay positive right here and right now.



December 22 – January 19
5 of Swords (reversed)

IMG_4402You have been through a bit of conflict recently but you are putting the experience behind you.  You were in a bit of a lose/lose situation but you have decided that it’s time to move on.  Don’t worry too much as the people who you were fighting with didn’t have your best interests at heart.  There is potential that there was a bullying situation that you were involved with but it’s time to move on and put it all behind you.


January 20 – February 18
7 of Swords

IMG_4403There are underhand tactics at play here.  Somebody is trying to get one over on you so just be careful.  It could be that you are actually using deceit to get ahead but you do have to be careful.  The other possibility is that you just have too much going on and have to leave some things behind and cut your losses.  You could have too many ideas but for you to be successful you are going to have to drop a couple of them and focus on what’s important.


February 19 – March 20
9 of Pentacles (reversed)

IMG_4404So this is a lovely card and my favourite in the deck but…with it being reversed you could be feeling that you are losing control a little bit.  You have potential to really be living your life in a real sweet spot but there is just something a little bit off that’s stopping you reach your full potential.  Just let things flow and even though things might feel like that are going wrong don’t worry too much as it will right itself soon enough.  You do have potential to have real abundance in your life but there is a bit of work to be done before you can get there.


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Have a great month.


  1. Hi David
    Hope you are well. Thank you for the June Reading. I just want know what kind of grief is it? I am a Sagittarius and in the reading it says there is grief for the month of June.
    Thank you so much.

    1. Author

      It’s too difficult to say as this is a general reading for the collective do could mean different things to different people. Some examples are not getting the job you want, not getting a promotion, problems with house buying or just some sadness around a partner. What you really need to focus on is what is going right. The 2 full cups show that hope is not lost and there is still a lot to be cheerful about X

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