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This post was originally posted in 2016 but I’ve added some updates.

How To Formulate Your Question

One of the best pieces of advice I can give to ensure that you get a great and accurate reading is, make sure you formulate your questions properly.  The tarot cards have many different meanings and without context it can take lot of your reading time for me to get my ‘Sherlock Holmes’ on and deduce what the message is.  I always equate this to going to the doctor and asking the doctor to tell you what’s wrong with you without describing your symptoms.  Sure the doctor can run a lot of tests and find the answers for you but that’s not really a great use of either of your time. It’s the same in tarot.

If you are stuck for a question why not let the tarot cards decide what you need to know right now? – 78 Questions To Ask Your Tarot Reader

General readings are fine if you are having a longer reading but if you are having a 15 or 30 minute reading it’s best that you come armed with a few great questions to get the most out of your time.

The More Specific The Better

The clearer and more specific the question the better.  Yes/No questions can be answered and I have a few yes/no spreads up my sleeve to help with this. However,  isn’t it better to know why it’s happening or how to improve your chances of a positive outcome?  This really reminds me of a little Kipling poem….

I keep six honest service men

(They taught me all I knew);

Their names are What and Why and When

And How and Where and Who

The “when” is a difficult one in tarot but that’s a whole different blog piece!

Example Questions

Here are some examples of questions I have been asked and then suggestions on how I think they could be rephrased:

  • When will I find love?/What do I need to focus on to attract the partner of my dreams?
  • Will I get the new job?/What has been stopping me getting my dream job?  Is there anything I can do differently to make myself attractive to employers?  What strengths do I have that I should highlight?
  • Will I get back with my ex?/What’s really going on between me and my ex?  What is standing in our way?  What can help us live up to our full potential?
  • Will I get promoted?/Where am I headed at work if I keep doing what I am doing and what can I change to be sure that I reach my goals?

It does take a bit of getting used to forming the right question but I’m happy to work with you to be sure that we get clear results for you.

What Not To Ask

There are a few things that you shouldn’t ask the tarot:

  • Am I pregnant (my answer will be go buy a test and find out)
  • Some health related questions.  I’m not a doctor but I’m happy to look at well-being and see if there are any blockages causing dis-ease.
  • Questions that involve other people and that don’t have you at the centre.  Such as “I’m having an affair and want to know if my lover will leave his wife” This is classed as a 3rd party reading and it’s ethically border-line.  It’s also very difficult to tap into somebody’s energy if they are not specifically involved in the reading
  • When you are going to die.  I really wouldn’t know and wouldn’t be comfortable digging around looking for answers.

If you need any help with your question then feel free to email me and we can work on it prior to your reading.

If you have your burning questions ready then go right ahead and book your reading here.

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  1. I had some questions issues lately and your post is published at the perfect timing for me. In a recent reading, I misread a card because the question was not as clear as I thought. I learned my lesson and I now try to get the right context before a reading. I find that a question is not enough though, having the context around the question is even better. Recently, one of my clients asked me a question about her love relationship. She said it was kind of rocky and wanted to know if there was a future with this relationship. After the reading, she was not satisfied because she said I missed the whole point. She then explained to me what was really at stake in her love life. Fear and lack of communication were at the core of the problem. She wanted to have advice on how to resolve those issues but she never mentioned it in the question. If she had given me the whole context beforehand I would have made a very different reading. I learned my lesson well: interpret the cards but don’t interpret the question. It’s ironic because most tarot classes put all the emphasis on cards meaning and interpretation and don’t teach much on how to deal with questions. Thank your for your post.

    1. Author

      You are very welcome Annie. I agree, the question is everything. I find it quite interesting that I can do a reading then the client will get back to me with lots of detail. I think it helps to get a deeper reading if we get the detail upfront. I also understand that it’s a personal preference.

  2. Can we know the insights of future through Tarot readings.
    If your answer is Yes then how accurate are readings.
    By the way “David Harvey” this is really a wonderful post.
    I enjoyed reading it.

    1. Author

      Hi Lakshmi. Thanks for your question. That really is an excellent question and one that is a bit tricky to answer. Yes, I do believe that tarot can predict the future, however, I don’t believe that it’s the best use of tarot.

      The problem with the future is that it is every changing. My belief is that tarot can show you the journey that is laid out for you as of today. However, you do have free will and can change that future or destiny by making every day decisions. So you see that tarot can predict the future accurately but it’s up to you to write your own ending to the story.

      I think that tarot is most useful to help us make better decisions so we are taken to a more successful ending. It can show all the obstacles that we could face and tell us how we should overcome them. Tarot is also a great tool for self-awareness.

      Hope this helps you.

  3. Thanks a lot David for your answers.
    I really appreciate your attention towards each and every questions and the way you answered my queries honestly.

    Thanks David

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