10 Ways That Tarot Can Dramatically Improve Your Life

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10 Ways That Tarot Can Dramatically Improve Your Life

There are so many misconceptions about what tarot is and how it is used. If you believed what we see in Hollywood you would think that all tarot readers are wearing veils, slaughtering goats and getting their palms crossed with silver or a very regular basis!

This could not be further from the truth. There are many different styles of tarot reader but my approach is to stay very grounded, practical and accessible. I believe that tarot can benefit every person on the planet if used properly. You might want to check out my previous post about debunking the tarot myths.

In this post, I look at 10 excellent ways that tarot can be used.

1. Finding True Love

There is a joke among tarot readers that almost all of the questions we get asked revolve around ‘will I get paid or will I get laid?”. But seriously, finding true love is a huge thing for so many people.

What I really like about tarot is that we can go much deeper than “will I meet the man of my dreams?”. We can start to dig in to: what do you need to do? What blockages are there? How do we clear those blockages? etc.

Here is a link to my ‘finding true love’ tarot spread….


Find Love Tarot Spread

2. Get To Know Yourself

We are getting a bit deep here but tarot can be really useful for getting a clearer understanding of who you are as a person. Many of us go through life not really questioning what is happening around us.

We can use tarot for self-awareness, mindfulness and to help us understand what makes us tick and what our true potential could look like.

I like this ‘spiritual compass’ tarot spread by Brigit from Biddy Tarot – https://www.biddytarot.com/spiritual-compass-tarot-spread/

3. Finding Your Calling

This is one of my favourite uses of tarot. I’m from an HR and Recruitment background so for many years I have helped people find their dream job and calling without the tarot.

I now get the opportunity to combine my skills with tarot to help people first identify what their calling is and then go out there to secure the job!

I have a spread and blog post that goes into more detail…

How to find your calling with the help of tarot

Find Your Calling Tarot Spread

4. Manifesting Your Dreams

People think that tarot can just help predict the future or understand the past but I am a firm believer in manifestation.

First, you have to set your goals www.tarotavenue.com/goals but you can then use tarot to help you make those goals a reality.

Here is my manifesting spread. The lovely Magician sits right up the top to oversee the proceedings.


Manifestation with tarot

5. Making decisions

Yes/No questions are considered a bit taboo with tarot readers. The main reason is that it’s useful to have a bit more information rather than a straight yes or no. It’s also not very empowering. Wouldn’t you want to know why it’s happening and how you can change the outcome?

However, there is definitely a place for yes/no questions and I have some fantastic spreads to help you get there.


6. Letting go of pain and hurt to clear the way for growth

It’s definitely easier said than done to let go of the past. We all have our baggage and sometimes we know we should be moving on but it’s not that simple.

Kate over at Daily Tarot Girl has a really simple but effective spread to help you get on top of this and understand the reasons you are holding on…

7. Overcoming obstacles

We all know that life is cyclical, right? What goes up must come down etc. It’s impossible for us to go through life without facing challenges or obstacles.

Tarot is really useful for helping us navigate those obstacles so we can either go around them or lessen the impact.

Sometimes we need to understand what the obstacles are before we can deal with them. It’s not always clear but tarot can show what is hidden from us.


Remove obstacles

8. Planning for your business

My corporate background lends itself to business planning. It’s something that I have done for my whole career so it’s only natural that I started to integrate tarot to go a bit deeper.

This spread will help you look at different aspects of your business and help you set and reach your goals.


9. Boosting Your Intuition

A life without intuition would be a terrible thing! We actually all have intuitive abilities but like any other muscle, we need to practice to strengthen that intuition.

There are almost unlimited benefits to having a strong intuition. Make better decisions, know who to trust etc.

I have a free mini-course that can help you boost your intuition over 6 days – www.tarotavenue.com/intuition

Intuition Course

10. FUN!

I take my tarot very seriously, however, I’m definitely not afraid to have fun. I am always more than willing to get my cards out at parties and have a bit of a giggle.

Remember that tarot cards were initially invented as a game. I think having fun with your cards is a really good way of building a positive relationship. If your cards are constantly doing deep and heavy work then my view is that the balance could be thrown off.

We must remember that tarot is a good servant but a bad master. Never let your cards dictate what you do or how you live your life. They are there as a guide to keep you on track but your free will and intuition should always take precedence.

If you like these tarot spreads why not download my FREE ebook filled with my favourite tarot spreads?


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