How To Stocktake Your Life Using Tarot

Share16PinTweetShare16 SharesThe Wheel Of Life There are many different uses for tarot but my favourite is when used to raise our level of self-awareness or consciousness. Many of us go through life without really thinking about what’s working, what’s not and  what we can do to reach our full potential.  Tarot can definitely be used as a divination tool but it can also be hugely successful when used as a life coaching tool. There is a popular life coaching exercise/tool called The Wheel Of Life.  I wanted to take this to the next level by incorporating tarot.  You can do this exercise for yourself but it can also be very useful for a tarot reader to do this with their clients. I’ve included a PDF to go along with this post which gives various templates for the wheel as well as a step by step guide.  You can download below: I’ve also created a video tutorial with a live example……. Step 1 Either draw a circle on a piece of paper or choose one of the wheels from the PDF download.  Have a think about which areas of your life you want to explore.  Some examples would be family, career, … Continue reading How To Stocktake Your Life Using Tarot