How to find your calling with the help of tarot….

Share1Pin7TweetShare8 SharesHow to live your life in the sweet spot I recently came across this TED article and it really struck a chord with me.  I’m always banging on about bringing tarot to the mainstream and ultimately I would love to see tarot used in businesses across the world so there is a greater level of self-awareness and consciousness  – that’s another story though! In my corporate job I work in recruitment and HR so I am constantly working with people who are looking for new jobs, careers, or some may call it their calling.  It’s part of the job that I have always loved and pretty much what led me to tarot.  I really enjoy that I can give people practical exercises and steps to find their calling in life. I think this diagram is just perfect.  Your calling is the intersection between 1. what you are good at 2. where you feel appreciated and 3. where you can make people’s lives better. We also learn that finding your calling is not passive.  It’s not going to just happen – you have to go out there, search, fight and do what you have to do to make it happen; … Continue reading How to find your calling with the help of tarot….