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How to live your life in the sweet spot

I recently came across this TED article and it really struck a chord with me.  I’m always banging on about bringing tarot to the mainstream and ultimately I would love to see tarot used in businesses across the world so there is a greater level of self-awareness and consciousness  – that’s another story though!

In my corporate job I work in recruitment and HR so I am constantly working with people who are looking for new jobs, careers, or some may call it their calling.  It’s part of the job that I have always loved and pretty much what led me to tarot.  I really enjoy that I can give people practical exercises and steps to find their calling in life.


I think this diagram is just perfect.  Your calling is the intersection between 1. what you are good at 2. where you feel appreciated and 3. where you can make people’s lives better. We also learn that finding your calling is not passive.  It’s not going to just happen – you have to go out there, search, fight and do what you have to do to make it happen; but when these things line up, it’s like lightning!

Now I should say right here that your calling doesn’t mean you have to be the next Dalai Lama.  These 3 principles could apply to a barista, singer, PA or lawyer.  We all have it within our capability to find our calling. I’ve also been thinking and I believe that we don’t just have one calling in life.  This spread will show what your calling is right here and right now but your calling may change as you grow and develop.

This got me to thinking how I could help people find their calling with the help of the tarot.  I designed a spread based on the diagram, but I also added in a few extra questions just so we could get a bit more depth.

Horseshoe Spread-5

  1. What are your strengths/what are you good at?
  2. What do others appreciate about you the most?
  3. How can you best help other people?
  4. What blockages/obstacles/challenges will you face?
  5. How can you overcome them?
  6. What will help you find your calling
  7. Your calling


I really do believe that I have found my calling since setting up my tarot business so let’s just have a look at that and see what comes up for me…..

IMG_4202Wowzers – just pulled this spread and there are some pretty big cards in there.  In the tarot deck we have 78 cards and 22 are what we call major arcana.  When we see a lot of major arcana in a reading it means that this is life changing stuff as they represent major life lessons or karma taking its course.  The other cards in the deck reflect the day to day situations that we all face.  Well in this spread of 7, I have 5 major arcana so I’m getting a message loud and clear that I’d better listen!  Let’s break it down:

1 – The Magician (reversed)

The magician is the manifestor of the deck.  In the strengths position this is telling me that I do have the power to manifest things for myself and for others.  He actually shows up for me quite often if I am ever asking a question about my tarot reading.  The fact that this card is reversed is showing me that I have not discovered my full power yet and maybe even doubting myself (very true).  This is encouraging to me and makes me confident that I am on the right path but it’s also a reminder that I need to keep developing, practising and studying.

2 – Temperance

What others appreciate about me.  This could be saying that they like the fact that I bring balance to their lives.  I also see Temperance as a healing card as the angel is an alchemist so there could be an ability to heal others with the skills that I have.  I’m also getting that people appreciate me most when I am calm, measured and listen to both sides of an argument.  Maybe I am destined to sit on the fence! haha.

3 – Justice (reversed)

I had to sit with this one for a little while as it didn’t jump out to me.  I reached out to a friend who helped me understand this card in this position.  Her take was the Justice reversed is about being non-judgemental.  I can help people by really listening and easing them through their trials and tribulations in a calm and compassionate manner.  I can also help them truly understand their situation and enable them to look at things differently so they can see all the options/solutions available to them.

4 – High Priestess (reversed)

A lot of reversals. I’m standing in my own way a little bit and actually blocking myself.  The way I read reversals is that the potential is there but there is an internal or external blockage that is stopping it being realised.  The High Priestess is an incredibly spiritual card.  Alongside The Magician this has tarot reader written all over it.  She is very much about trusting your intuition and gut feeling.  I have to say she is saying loud and clear to me that I need to stop blocking my intuition and just surrender.

5 – King of Cups

This position is telling me how to overcome my blockages (High Priestess).   The King of Cups is a great counsellor and somebody who really sees the good and potential in others.  I need to overcome the blockage by focusing on my tarot reading and I have to read read read.   I have been doing a lot of work on my website and marketing but this is saying to me that I need to get back to reading for others every day to keep the intuition flowing and keep me tuned in.

6 – Death (reversed)

What will help me?  Idinia Menzel comes to mind and I’m being told I just need to “let it go…let it go”. ha!  The Death card is all about transformation and getting rid of the old to let in the new.   Actually I read a great post about The Death card by a fellow taroista sista today – have a look.  So what this card is saying to me is that if I truly want to find the sweet spot (my calling) then something is going to have to change.  I definitely need to be prepared to let go of some of my beliefs and throw myself into this.  If this were a real life reading I would pull some other cards at this stage to get a good grasp of what it is that I need to let go of.

7 – 5 of Cups

My calling……helping people get through the tough times.  This card is really about grief but what I take from it is that the person still has some wonderful stuff going on (the 2 cups behind him) but they are so consumed by the grief and sadness that they can’t see the good.  A lot of people see tarot as entertainment (and there is nothing wrong with that) but there is also a much more serious side and I have dealt with people who are going through all different sorts of trauma.  If I can help even one person bring a bit of joy back to their life then I am very happy to accept that as my calling.

If you would like to do some digging and find your calling then why don’t you book a reading and we can get into it!



  1. Loved all of it. Copied your spreads and will use them. Your podcast was super, made me think. Thanks so much for sharing your expertise with me.

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