How I fell in love with tarot

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I suppose you could say that my “spiritual journey” started about 25 years ago when I was experimenting with different religions as a bonny wee lad in Scotland. I tried a few different churches and institutions but nothing stuck and to be frank I just really wasn’t interested.  This all changed when my friend and I decided to try a spiritualist church!  We really had no idea of what we were getting into but it sounded like fun.  Looking back I’m quite surprised that they even let us attend as I’m sure we were only around 16.

Each week we would pay our £1, sing the obligatory hymns and then the magic would start!  They had a guest medium each week who would deliver messages to the group.  I didn’t get messages too often but when I did I absolutely loved it.  I would run home and my mum would be there waiting to analyse the messages with me and together we would work out who was trying to connect and why.

I attended for a couple of years and during that time they kept telling me that I had the potential to develop my abilities and they said that I was a natural healer, which really meant nothing to me at the time.

Life and me growing up got in the way of me attending but I have really fond memories of those days and it really sparked an interest for me in all things metaphysical.  I would go and get tarot readings and if there was the opportunity to see a psychic then I was definitely in but you could say that the itch wasn’t scratched for a long time.

This all changed when my friend Jennie, who runs Tarot Avenue with me, and I decided to partake in a psychic development course.  We had a great time developing different skills but for me there was just something missing and it was as if it just wasn’t tangible enough for me.  The very following week you could say that by massive coincidence, stars aligning or the universe kicking me up the proverbial I found that there was a comprehensive tarot course running in Sydney.  The strange thing is that the teacher, now my friend and mentor Patrick Rawlinson of Soul and Pepper, was actually living in New Zealand but just happened to be back in Sydney visiting and decided to run the course.

There were only 4 of us in the class and it was fabulous.  To say it was love at first sight, between me and the cards, would be an understatement.  We were using the Rider Waite deck and what was amazing to me was the as soon as we started laying them out in spreads I could instantly see the stories evolving.  It was as if somebody was writing the script for a movies and all these characters, obstacles, celebrations and major life lessons were unfolding before me.

I was very fortunate to be able to start reading straight away but this is really when the hard work and study started.  It was really exciting to me to have the natural intuition and creativity to see the stories but I had to study hard and practice, practice and practice to get to where I am today.  I by no means want to allude to the fact that I “know it all”  I am still learning every day and the beauty of this profession is that I truly believe that I will never know everything.  It’s the learning that’s really keeping me engaged but I’ve also been so thrilled to be able to help others discover what their options are and heal them with messages through the cards.

I’ve met some amazing people through my work in tarot and I’m looking forward to welcoming you all to my tarot community.


  1. HI David,

    Very nice look blog. I wish you the best of luck with it.
    I’m curious to know if you’ve managed to connect/activate you natural healing abilities yet? Do you bring that into your Tarot work and if so, how?

    1. Thanks for your comment/question. It’s interesting that you bring that up as it’s something that I have been thinking of recently. I haven’t actively worked on developing my healing abilities but when I start to think about the various career choices I have made and even what attracted me to tarot I start to realise that there is definitely a connection.

      I’ve always been more interested in reading for others than reading for myself. I also don’t really enjoy the predictive type of tarot but really find my flow when I’m working with the client to find blockages and work on how they can be cleared. I do know some excellent healers and have seen some of the amazing results that they have produced and definitely don’t claim to be in that category. For me the tarot is all about empowering people and in turn this can often help them to heal themselves.

      I actually started my life as an actor and what I loved about that is that you can evoke emotion in the audience and that in itself can be incredibly healing. I still love going to the theatre and to a certain degree, for me, it’s like therapy as I cry, laugh, gasp and feel connected to what’s going on during the scene.

      I have also worked in recruitment for a number of years and the part of the job that I enjoy most is working with jobseekers and really getting under the skin of what makes people tick then together working out what the best path/plan of attack is. Quite often I’m exposed to people who are going through a certain degree of trauma and it’s very rewarding for me to be able to help them recover then soar.

      So in short I guess the answer is that consciously I haven’t connected/activated my healing abilities but subconsciously they have always been a part of me.

      Thanks again for your question.

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