The Real Housewives of Tarot Avenue

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The Tarot Court Cards As Real Housewives

Those of you who know me will know that I take the tarot very seriously and see it as a tool that can help us transform our lives.  However,  I also like to have fun with it and sometimes do things that are a bit different.

I have to admit that one of my very guilty pleasures is watching The Real Housewives!!! I know I know…. but from Melbourne to Atlanta I am hooked on these modern-day soap operas.

When learning tarot a lot of people struggle with the court cards as they can be a bit difficult to get your head around.  I was given a piece of advice when learning and that was to think of the each court card as somebody you know or as a movie star and write it down.  This really helped me get a grasp on the different personality types.

I’ve seen the court cards compared to anything from Game Of Thrones characters to members of The Royal Family.  I decided to have a bit of fun and compare them to Real Housewives cast members.

It’s actually a really useful way to learn the court cards and it might be good for you to find some of your own references.  I’ve included a PDF with these references but left space for you to write your own interpretations.  Just pop your details here and you can download it instantly.

I hope you enjoy my take.  I’ve explained why I have chosen each character.  Let me know if there are any that you strongly agree or disagree with:

Page of Pentacles – Avery Singer






I struggled a bit with this one.  The Page of Pentacles usually represents somebody young with a lot of potential.  It shows somebody who has a good head on their shoulders and is coming into their own.  I couldn’t think of a Housewife that fit this mold so I went for Avery who is Ramona Singer’s daughter.  We have seen Avery grow up on the show and she is a really lovely young woman who often keeps her mother in check!  She definitely comes over as smart and somebody who has a lot of potential in life so I decided to pick her.

Knight of Pentacles – Kandi Burruss

I’ve chose this one for Kandi as she has taken the opportunity and built a business empire as a result.  She no doubt had a lot of success before going on the show but she has slowly built her business and her husband’s business whilst being on the show.  I see the Knight of Pentacles as a good business person who takes their time and doesn’t rush into things.  It’s like building solid foundations.

Queen of Pentacles – Phaedra Parks

I’ve gone with Phaedra Parks.  Phaedra is without a doubt a doting mother but she is also a smart business woman.  Her kids are probably the most adorable I have seen on any of the shows and you can tell that you puts a lot of effort into raising them with good morals and manners.  I see the Queen of Pentacles as being very nurturing and maternal.  She is also very grounded and has a strong business head on her shoulders.  Pahedra is a lawyer but she has also opened a number of other businesses during her time on the show.

King of Pentacles – Bethenny Frankel

For me the King of Pentacles is the boss and for this I have chosen Bethenny Frankel.  Love her or hate her she is definitely in control and I’m pretty sure she would be the most financially successful of all the housewives.  She has had her problems in the love and family side but when it comes to business she has a laser sharp focus and knows how to make a buck.  She started she show with pretty much nothing and she went on to launch the Skinny Girl brand.  It was reported that she sold just part of her empire (Skinny Girl Cocktails) for up to $100M.  You often see the others try to ride on her coat tails and launch various products but nobody seems to have managed anywhere like the success that she has.

Page of Cups – Jackie Gillies

Many of you may not know Jackie as she is in the Melbourne cast. I think it is shown in the states now so I would encourage you to check it out and find out what ‘real life’ is like in Australia!!! The reason I have gone for Jackie is that she is a professional psychic medium.  I often see the Page of Cups as somebody who has psychic abilities or somebody who is very much in touch with their subconscious.  On another note she launched an alcohol brand.  The cup court cards can also be quite literal and can be linked to drink or alcohol.

Knight of Cups – Tamra Judge

Tamra has been on a bit of a spiritual journey over the last couple of seasons.  She considers herself a born again christian and she was baptised in front of her friends.  She still causes lots of drama but there has definitely been a change in her in the last season.  When I see the Knight of Cups it can represent romance and a knight in shining armour but it can also be somebody going on a spiritual quest.  It’s almost like he is holding the holy grail.  I really like this card as it’s all about embracing the good within us and searching far and wide to find ways of improving ourselves.

Queen of Cups – Yolanda Hadid

This was a bit of a tricky one for me.  I see the Queen of Cups as being really soft and gentle but it as impossible to find a housewife like this.  I guess they wouldn’t be on the show if they were like this all the time.  The closest I could come was Yolanda.  She does have a nurturing side to her personality and she has a warmth about her.  You can tell that she is somebody who comes from a heart led space and she gets quite disappointed when manipulated by others.  The queen can also be a mother figure and Yolanda comes over as somebody who really cares and invests a lot in her children.

King of Cups – Sonja Morgan

It may seem like a bit of an odd choice but there is just something about Sonja’s energy that made me think of the King of Cups.  She definitely likes to see the best in people and doesn’t usually have an agenda.  The King of Cups can also be somebody who has a problem with alcohol. I’m not saying that she does but she certainly likes to go out and have a good time and doesn’t hold anything back.  In fact one of my favourite moments was when she broke one of her teeth biting off a button from a young mans shirt!  It has to be seen to be believed.

Page of Swords – Kenya Moore

The Page of Swords can represent a strong Amazonian type woman.  There is no doubt that Kenya is strong and smart.  She can be incredibly cutting and I feel that she is always armed and ready to cut somebody else down.  When I see the Page of Swords I often associate it with cutting the ties from the past. She has made no secret of the fact that she had a very difficult childhood and still has no relationship with her mother.  This is what has driven her and made her so strong.  The Page of Swords can be a great card as it’s about being empowered but the flip side is that you can end up cutting yourself off and being alienated.

Knight of Swords – Brandi Glanville

Although she is not in the series any more she does still pop up from time to time.  Brandi had a bit of a tumultuous time whilst she was on The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills.  She was very likeable at the beginning but everybody turned on her.  Brandi has a very quick temper and is always ready to  go flying into battle.  She could take the most simple comment or situation and turn it into a full on war.  When I see the Knight of Swords, in a reading, the advice that I usually give is that the energy and commitment is really good but be careful to pick your battles and get the facts before you go rushing in.

Queen of Swords – Vicki Gunvalson

Vicki is probably one of the most divisive housewives of them all.  Personally she is one of my least favourite but she does know how to make good television, which is why she has been on for 11 seasons!  I went for the Queen of Swords as I see her as being very cold and calculated.  She often talks about coming from the heart space but I just don’t buy it.  I see her as being all about the head space and making decisions that will benefit her.  There is a coldness to her that I think makes her hard to like.  It seems like all the other housewives feel the same as she has very much been on the exterior this year.

King of Swords – Carole Radziwill

The King of Swords can represent a writer for me, which is why I went for Carole.  It’s probably not a perfect match as this king can also represent somebody with a profession such as doctor or lawyer.  However I got drawn to Carole.  The sword can represent the pen and it also signifies somebody of great intelligence.  I think that Carole is very smart and quick-witted.  She admits that she is not somebody who likes to hug or express their emotions.  Some of her best moments are in the interviews. One of my favourite was she said she heard 2 male voices, one of them being Luann.  It’s mean but all in good spirit.

Page of Wands – Dorinda Medley

Dorinda is one of my favourites.  I chose this page as she definitely has a bit of a youthful and optimistic energy. I see that she wants everybody to get along and she does position herself as the pacemaker, even though that can cause drama in itself! The Page of Wands is somebody who is extremely passionate and they walk around with their head held high.  She is also quite flamboyant and doesn’t really care what other people think about her. The Page of Wands would be somebody who likes to travel and get out there to see the world.

Knight of Wands – Ramona Singer

You can’t help but love Ramona.  She can be incredibly mean and probably causes more drama than anybody else but she does it with a twinkle in her eye.  She is known for dropping a bomb and causing a big argument then quickly extracting herself from the situation.  They call it the Singer Stinger.  I’ve gone for the Knight of Wands as she is a bit of a peacock walking around showing off.  The knight is also somebody who is incredibly passionate with a fire in his belly.  Ramona would definitely be described a fiery and passionate!

Queen of Wands – Lisa Vanderpump

This is an interesting one.  The Queen of Wands can be incredibly beautiful, passionate, a great leader and inspiration.  However, the flip sides of the personality can be that she is very calculating and manipulative.  Lisa has been compared to Bobby Fisher due to her ability to manipulate every situation to her advantage.  She does have a really fun side and she is a very successful business woman. Like Bethenny, she is somebody who has been able to milk every last opportunity that has come her way.  Bethenny is much more grounded but you get the feeling that Lisa has more control over other people and situations.  Some people think of the Queen or Wands as a witch.  I’ve certainly heard her called worse!

King of Wands – NeNe Leakes

Well we have good old NeNe Leakes to round this off.  The King of Wands is quite similar to the queen but with more masculine energy.  NeNe is definitely strong and has a lot of that masculine energy.  She is a fighter who comes from a place of passion and fire.  She can be overbearing and impulsive, which are some of the shadow aspects of this king.  On the flip side she has a great sense of humour that has made her one of the most popular housewives of them all.  She has gone on to star in shows such as Glee and The New Normal.

I hope you have enjoyed your time with The Real Housewives of Tarot Avenue.  Maybe I’ll pull a few cards next week to see how these ladies are getting along with each other!

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