How To Master The Tarot Horseshoe Spread

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The Horseshoe Spread

I am a huge fan of the Horseshoe spread.  It’s by far my most commonly used spread and I rarely do a reading without using the horseshoe spread at some point.

There is so much diversity and rich information you can get from this spread.  It covers all the bases but also keeps it simple for the querent to understand.

Why Use This Spread?

One of the things that I really like is that you are always left with strategies on how to reach the desired outcome.  It’s not just a case of – this is the outcome – good luck!  You are given rich information about the obstacles and how to overcome them.

Breaking It Down

With regards to past, present, future;  I would usually think recent past and near future.  However, this depends on what recent and near more to the querent.

The most important card, for me, is the top middle.  This is the one that usually colours the reading and sets the tone.  e.g if it’s the 2 of cups you know that no matter what the querent is asking – there is probably some love or relationship element coming through.

I always ask for a specific question but this top middle card can see me move in the slightly different direction.

We then look at other influences.  This card shows a direct influence on the question or situation.  Maybe it’s an external influence such as another person or perhaps it’s something internal such as fear holding the querent back from reaching their goal.

The obstacle card is also a great source of information.  Really dig deep with this card to see what is standing in the way.  If we understand this card we can start to put together strategies on how to overcome those obstacles.

The last card is potential outcome.  I always emphasise that it is a potential outcome to be sure that the querent understands that it is in their hands.  E.g. if the question is “will I get the job?” and the potential outcome is the Ace of Pentacles then things are looking great.  However, if the querent doesn’t go to the interview or prepare properly then they will not get the job.  It’s showing that conditions are looking great but they still have a stake in their own destiny.

Card Pairing

The other way I get some juicy information is card pairing at the end. For me, this is where the magic happens and this has never let me down.

I compare the cards that are opposite each other and you will usually see a progression.  For instance, maybe the card in position 1 is the 5 of wands and position 9 is the 9 of Pentacles.  This is saying that you need to get organised and structured or maybe work as a team, you then have the potential to reap the rewards and have an abundant life.

Case Study

I find it always helps to have case studies to bring the spread to life.  I’ve put together a video for you breaking down the Horseshoe Spread.

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  1. Hey David,

    This video has really helped me master the horse shoe spread. It makes it easy to understand and i love the extra bit of pairing the cards.
    I had been struggling with this spread but now i feel like an expert and i use it in mostly all my readings.
    Thank you and be blessed..!!!

    1. Author

      That’s great news. So pleased that you found this helpful.

  2. Hi David, thanks for this spread and the sample reading. Really helpful, but I do have a doubt. What is the difference between the future and the potential outcome? That’s kind of confusing.

  3. Is it better in your opinion to randomly select the cards versus shuffling and cutting the deck in three piles? I’ve tried both methods and I’m not certain which is the better or more accurate one.

    1. Author

      I would shuffle and cut the deck but I know readers who randomly select cards. Maybe try both methods and see which works best for you. There really is no right or wrong.

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