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Update: February 2017

I just had updated test results and thought I would drop a little update in here.  This post was first published in July 2016.  Just over 6 months later I’m very pleased to report that my sugar levels are on the decline and almost in the healthy range.  My cholesterol is now in the healthy range, but still needs to go a bit lower, due to family history.  I’ve now lost 10kg since this time last year and am feeling really good.

This just goes to show what a little of intention and goal setting can do.  We all have the power to achieve our goals, but it’s not always easy.  I still have a way to go but am happy with the progress so far.

Of course I am very grateful to the doctor and nutritionist for getting me on track but I do also attribute some of the success to tarot.  The cards gave me the warning signs and forced me into action.  I also have spent so much time walking and listening to tarot and business podcasts that the weight just started to drop off.

Thanks for all your support for those of you who reached out to me.  I’ll keep you posted and things develop.

How The Tower Sent Me A Warning

Those of you who know me will know that I have a real love/hate relationship with The Tower tarot card.  The Tower traditionally represents destruction, chaos and unexpected rapid change.  I’ve heard some tarot readers refer to The Tower as one of their favourite cards as following the destruction comes the opportunity to rebuild.  The Tower makes it into my list of Lessons from the Dark Side.

How The Tower First Caught My Attention.

At the very beginning of the year I was using this spread with a lot of my clients, which I found on Biddy Tarot.  As you will see it really covers all the bases and gives a good overview of what you need to do in the year to come to reach your goals.  This spread was a real hit with my clients so I naturally went on to read for myself.

The reading was really positive and very much in line with where I saw myself heading.  This year for me is all about launching Tarot Avenue and building my audience of lovely people like yourself!  The only thing that really jumped out to me was in the health spot I had The Tower card *insert scary sound effect*.  I definitely take tarot seriously but I’m absolutely not one to live my life in fear or do exactly what the cards say.  I love the quote “tarot is a great servant but not a great master”.  I took it in my stride and thought I would wait to see what came up in the year.

I don’t read for myself very often but when I did The Tower would quite frequently pop up.  I keep saying that I am trying to make friends with him but not quite there yet!

The Warning Signs.

Everything was going swimmingly then about a month ago I had a bit of a dizzy spell. I went to my doctor and it turns out that I had developed slight vertigo.  Not a big deal and should clear up on it’s own in time.  I hadn’t been to the doctor for a while so he decided that it would be wise to get some blood tests arranged just to check that everything else was in order.

The day of the blood test I drew my card for the day on my Golden Thread Tarot app and guess what it was *insert even scarier sound effect!*  You’ve got it…..THE TOWER.  So I was starting to pay attention to this guy now as he clearly had a message for me.

The Test Results.

I was a bit nervous about going to get my results so on the night before I drew 3 cards:

What will the news be | How should I handle the news | What will the outcome be


You will see that this time I saw The Tower reversed.  This was the 3rd time in 3 readings that The Tower had come up.  They say there is no such thing as a coincidence!

I went in for my results and it turns out that my cholesterol and my sugar were higher than they should be. Nothing disastrous but I have lost about 6KG in the last 6 months so if I hadn’t lost that weight I could well have been heading for trouble.  I started to think about the reading that I had done the night before.

For me The Hermit is all about looking within for answers.  This is telling me that I have all the tools and knowledge to fix this but I need to truly want to make a difference if I want to maximise my health.  The Ace of Wands is about a fresh start for me.  I think of this as a line in the sand and opportunity to start on a new path of growth that probably involves being a lot healthier. Then I got to The Tower (reversed).  I see this card as actually avoiding chaos and disaster.  This is saying to me that I could well have headed down a scary and destructive path but knowledge is power (The Hermit) and now that I have this knowledge I can do something about it.

The doctor sent me for a follow up test to see how my body processed sugar.  Again I drew my daily card and again I got The Tower (reversed) – you couldn’t make this up!  This second test showed that I am pre-diabetic, which means I have a greater chance of developing diabetes if I don’t keep myself on track with my health goals.

My Lessons.

It’s been a really enlightening experience and it’s taught me that I need to open myself up to the signs a bit more.  The Tower card was almost screaming at me for the last 6 months telling me that I needed to get to the doctor for a checkup.  There have been other signs that I had closed myself off to.  One example is on the lead up to the test I was getting on a train and a poster caught my eye.  It had in bold letters “Feeling ill?”  Well I wasn’t until I read that 🙂  The signs are definitely out there and we definitely shouldn’t live our lives in fear but we should pay more attention.

I don’t generally do health related readings because I would always rather somebody went to a medical professional than a tarot reader for serious health issues.  This experience has taught me that you can turn a negative reading into a positive.  It’s about not being a passenger in your life.  If you see something negative in the reading you should see that as an opportunity for you to do something about it.  They say that ignorance is bliss, but give me the whole story every time so I can make the changes to live life to its full potential.


  1. The ace of wands as taking action and moving your body which you’ve done. I’ve come to understand that the 5 of Pentacles is very serious (in my case cancer) and the 3 of Pentacles , medical team work and everything’s ok.

    1. Author

      Thanks for your insights. Really interesting take on those cards and I appreciate you sharing with us. x

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