Goal Setting With Tarot: A Step By Step Guide With Free Workbook

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How To Set And Smash Your Goals

In this day and age we hear a lot of people talking about manifesting your dreams and asking the Universe to deliver.  I’ve written some posts on this before and developed a manifestation spread. 
I wanted to delve a bit further into this and I was inspired by this graphic that I recently came across. Goal Setting
For me a big part of making your dreams a reality is goal setting. How can you manifest what you want when you don’t even know what that is?  You need to get clear about exactly what you are wishing for.  You also need to visualise what it will feel like, smell like, how it will make your life different if you achieve that goal and get what you want.  Really put yourself in that situation.
Once you have a clear idea of what your dream is you can start to break it down.  Put a date on when you want to achieve that dream as the date then makes this a goal.  Break that goal down into achievable steps and now you have a plan!  Look at that plan and set our action points and deadlines and you are ready to take on the world!  Easy right?
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Goal Setting Guide

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One thing to look out for is trying to do everything perfectly as this can lead to procrastination. Just start to take action.  Your goal may change over time and the dates may change but you need to have a starting point.
I’ve definitely been guilty of just going through life with no clear direction. Don’t get me wrong, this has served me well as I am very happy where I am. However, a part of me wonders what I could have achieved if I had started implementing this strategy sooner.

My Musical Theatre Dreams

My goal from a young age was to get into musical theatre. I loved everything about it and was totally captivated every time I went to see a show.  It took me a little while but I did move to London, trained in musical theatre and went on to star in shows in London’s West End and around the UK for about 5 years.  When I look back at this I realise that the dream and desire was so strong that I actually made this happen.  I would constantly visualise myself on stage and again this is a big part of making these things work.

Adapting Your Goals

I had a career change when I was around 30 and moved into the corporate world.  I still loved theatre but my dreams had changed.  I wanted more stability and wanted to build deeper relationships, which is very hard to do whilst you are on the road.   Whilst writing this I realise that there is probably another blog post I could write about what’s next after you have achieved your dream.
I’ve just started to get serious again about my new goals and dreams.  I want to share an example of this with you.

My Next Goal

I recently set myself a goal of paying off my mortgage in 10 years. It may sound a bit materialistic but for me it’s not about having possessions but more about the freedom it represents.  I start to dream how much time I can dedicate to my tarot business and how much positive change I can make in the world.  
I’ve created my own modern version of a vision board.
You will see that I used the acronym POMITY (Pay Off Mortgage In Ten Years).  I had a lovely gold foil version printed and I’ve put it on my wall so I am faced with this every morning when I come downstairs. As well as looking pretty it reminds me of why I am working hard and just gives me a focus.
1 year ago i would never have dreamed that I would be able to pay off my mortgage in 10 years but I realise this was a self-limiting belief.  By breaking it down and working out how much extra I have to pay each month it’s much more achievable.  I’ve broken that down further and worked out how many candles or tarot readings I would have to sell in a week to reach my goal.  When you see things in bite sized chunks it’s definitely more palatable.
The great news is that in the 3 months since putting up the poster I have been able to make the extra payments.  I’m not going to be a slave to this and will definitely still live a lovely, fulfilling life.  However, it’s good to have a sense of direction and focus.

How To Set Your Own Goals

You can have multiple dreams/goals at one time, and they may relate to each other, but I would recommend that you break them down one at a time so it doesn’t become overwhelming.
You have probably heard this before but your goals must be SMART
Action Oriented
I’ve created a workbook that you can use for each goal.  I’ve also created a simple tarot system that you can use along with this.  The use of tarot helps you get in touch with your intuition or subconscious which means that you get a much richer appreciation of what is really going on..
You can download the workbook right here….

Goal Setting Guide

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Good luck with your goal setting.  I’m looking forward to hearing your success stories!


  1. Great blog post & love your modern take on the vision board. Goals are really important I often think about them but don’t write them down so looking forward to the download to get them on paper with some structure. Thank you x

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