Getting Started with Crystals

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Getting Started with Crystals

If you want to explore the magic of crystals, then go right ahead and don’t let anything stop you.

If you’re worried that you’ll do it wrong, or cause more harm than good, let me assure you that, that won’t happen.

Crystals by their nature vibrate positive energies, and while their sparkle can sometimes be dulled, they can never give you bad energy.

With crystals, you either resonate with the energy they give out, or you don’t. Crystal energy has been used for centuries for various purposes. One of the most common is for healing illnesses and ailments.

Some other uses include finding stability and balance, relieving stress and anxiety, and increasing prosperity. Whatever you choose to use your crystals for, you can get started with these few simple guidelines.

Choosing your crystals

Crystals send out energy vibrations which depend on their shape, size, color and the minerals they are made of. While some crystals are said to work best in certain areas, when you are just getting started, choose something that appeals to you at an energetic level, much like choosing a tarot deck.

If you feel drawn to a particular type of crystal, then take a closer look at it. Pick it up, hold it in your hands and feel it, look and it and observe how it make you feel.

If you receive a good vibe from the crystal, then that is the crystal for you. That’s where you get started.

Cleansing your crystal

Crystals don’t give out bad energy, but they can absorb energies of low vibration that can remain trapped within them.

When you first bring a crystal home, you should cleanse it of any energies it might have previously picked up.

A few ways to cleanse your crystals include:

  • Make a solution of sea salt and water in a glass container and immerse your crystals in it for one to 24 hours. Rinse well under running water after soaking.
  • Burn sage and hold the crystal in the smoke for a few minutes.
  • Leave your crystals in the sunlight or moonlight for at least four hours.

Meditating and setting intentions

Set aside ten to fifteen minutes to meditate with your crystal.

Sit in a place where you feel calm and centered and where you will not be disturbed. Take a few deep breaths and focus on your breathing to clear your mind.

Hold your crystal in your hand and feel yourself resonate with its energy. Visualize your intention and speak it out loud into the crystal three times.

Go on and discover how crystals can enhance your life.

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