10 Fountain Tarot Cards Representing Love

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I am in love with my Fountain Tarot deck.  It’s a deck that I picked up that instantly resonated with me.  The imagery is stunning and there is so much depth to the symbolism in the cards. If you would like to buy this deck why not head over to my favourite online store – Two Sides Tarot?

I’ve been writing a few posts about love recently.  It must be the lead up to Valentine’s day!  One of my readers wrote a great guest post on Twin Flames, which is very interesting.

This got me thinking of cards that could represent love or Twin Flames in the tarot.  I specifically chose the Fountain Tarot as I felt there were a few differences with other decks.

The Two of Cups

This is such a gorgeous card that definitely represents 2 becoming one.  There is something so balanced and harmonious about this card.  In this deck, I just get the feeling that something magical is happening and there is a great support for one another.  Maybe even that you can learn from each other through this support.  It also looks like they are not on this earth and maybe celestial beings being brought together by the Universe.

The 10 of Cups

The 10 of Cups is the ultimate ‘happy ever after card’.  It depicts a couple who are intertwined but you get the feeling they are stronger together.  It almost looks like a trophy or war memorial to me but what this shows is that as a couple they have worked hard to build a life together.  Another card that shows harmony, support and light.

The 6 of Cups

This card shows 2 children sharing a moment of love and kindness to on another.  They are wrapped in a bubble which suggests to me that if you have love in your life you can conquer anything.  This card can also represent memories of the past but is is also a reminder in a relationship to relive those moments of innocence.  You never forget your first love because the emotion was so new, raw and all encompassing. Try to revisit those feelings.

The Fountain

This is an additional card to the traditional tarot deck and I love it.  For me, it really is a great card for relationships, love or Twin Flames.  It suggests to me that we are being guided by the Universe.  We are all part of something bigger and we are all connected.  When I see this card in a reading it’s a reminder that we have the ability to manifest what we want as long as we are clear and put those desires out to the Universe.  It also makes me think that whatever is going on in the reading is happening for a reason.  It’s all part of the bigger plan to bring us all together.    If we are talking Twin Flames or soul mates this card shows that the connection is beyond the physical and spiritual.  It could be a level that we don’t fully understand yet.

The Lovers

I couldn’t write a post about love without including The Lovers.  Again we see a couple who are surrounded by a bubble.  There is something very safe and connected about them.  It’s almost as if they can communicate without words and they are totally at peace with one another.  In the book that comes with the deck, the artist describes this card as a moment of love that is spiritual, like reuniting with a cosmic twin.  It’s a card about making a choice as well.  Love is not always the easy road and can be inconvenient but it is a road that can lead to life-long happiness and fulfilment.

The High Priestess

Not a card that is traditionally associated with love but I was drawn to this.  The High Priestess is usually about intuition and inner secrets.  It just struck me that those who are looking for love sometimes need to look within to truly understand what you are seeking.  You should also follow your intuition.  You may be being guided to meet your Twin or soul mate but if you ignore the signs you could find yourself missing out.

Ace of Cups

Such a gorgeous card that just says love, love, love.  The doves could represent 2 lovers whose cup is overflowing with love, emotion and happiness.  Cups are a symbol of love and Ace suggests that this is a new beginning. It could be finding a new love or maybe going to a deeper level with your current partner.  It’s important to take the opportunity when we see this card as great things could happen if we do.

6 of Swords

Yet another card that would not always be associated with love.  However, I see 2 people (some decks show 3) going on a journey.  The ferryman can sometimes be seen as a spirit guide or maybe this is your soul mate rescuing you from a dark situation and taking you to smoother waters.  It’s a card that shows a transition from darkness to light and on to a more harmonious life.

The Hermit

This may seem like an odd choice for love but I don’t see this card as being alone.  I see this card as using your inner light to create a better life for yourself and others.  It could depict somebody looking for love but it can also show that they know themselves very well and will absolutely know when they find the right partner.  It would suggest a Twin who is looking for her/his partner.  For me, this card doesn’t represent a sadness, in fact, quite the opposite.  It represents an inner knowing and somebody who is searching for this soul’s purpose who is not prepared to settle for anything less.

The 3 of Cups

This card would usually represent celebration with family or friends.  I chose this as I saw these 2 cups flowing into the 3rd cup.  It suggests to me that the magical mix or 2 becoming 1.  There is something very joyful and collaborative about this card.  The cups are overflowing with love and joy and it shows that 2 lives can become 1.

I hope you enjoyed my little trip of love through The Fountain Tarot.

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