February Tarot Forecast

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Pinch, punch, 1st of the month!  Happy February everybody.  I thought it would be fun to do a forecast each month just to see what general energy is out there and to find out what we need to know.  I expected to turn over a light-hearted spread but these cards are heavy!  However, there is positive and negative in every card to let’s have a look at what’s going on.  Oh and I’m not forgetting that this is the month for lovers but I’ll do a Valentine’s special closer to the time.

I’ve designed a spread that reads from the top down and from left to right.  The positions of the cards are as follows:

  1. How we are feeling going into the month
  2. Lessons that we should have learned from last month
  3. General outlook for the month ahead
  4. what’s going to help us reach our goals
  5. Obstacles that could stand in our way
  6. What energy will we be carrying in to the next month (March)

The first card is the 3 of swords and it’s reversed.  This card would indicate that January has been tough for a lot of us.  When I lived in the UK a friend of mine used to say that January was just a month full of wet Mondays.  Most people get paid before Christmas, it’s always cold and raining and it’s a bit of a downer after the festive period.  Well this
FullSizeRender-36year in Sydney we have had the wettest January in 30 years so you could say that this card is reflecting the grey clouds and downpours.  The fact that this card is reversed is telling me that things are actually getting better already.  If you notice the swords could almost be falling out of the heart so we are on the up folks!

The next card is the lessons that we should have learned from January and we get the dreaded Death card.  Personally I like the death card as it’s very rarely about actual death.  It’s all about letting go of the past and dropping the baggage so the sun can shine again.  If you notice in the card there is a little sunrise in the background and that’s always where my attention goes.  Of course it can be a painful transition but it really does indicate new beginnings.  Again this card is reversed which suggests that we are not quite allowing ourselves to move in and kind of getting stuck and wallowing in the misery from last month.  Come on folks – it’s February, it’s a leap year and we have all been paid!  Let’s party and forget about last month!

The general trend for the month is The Star reversed.  She is all about getting down and dirty with nature and really healing from past events.  Whenever I see the star I always think about wishes and dreams and with this being in a reversed position it’s really telling me that February is the month to really formulate what we went to achieve in the year.  We should set our intentions and get things moving.  For anybody into astrology, January had quite a long period of Mercury in retrograde.  It’s not good to start any new projects during this time (you may notice that I launched Tarot Avenue the day after the retrograde finished – call it insurance!).  However, February is time to work out what our dreams are so we can start manifesting them.  It’s also a good time to really focus on you and think about health.  A few of my friends are doing Febfast and she is saying that this could be a good idea.

What’s going to help us achieve our dreams is really making sure that we have our finances in order.  We are a bit out of sorts after the holidays but it’s time to start getting back on our feet.  Also look out for a warm, caring and nurturing lady who could well be the person to help you this month.  the Queen of Pentacles can be mother figure so it might be time to reconnect with family.

Our obstacles are that we are going to get carried away with our dreaming and wishing.  It’s really important to keep a balance and be sure to keep yourself grounded and in reality as well.  I often see this card as just being a bit silly and having fun but be careful not to party too hard!  Being the month for lovers be sure to pay attention to your partner all month long and not just on that one day.  There might be a tendency to be a bit selfish this month and forget about your significant other.  If you are single then go for it!

Heading into next month it appears that we are going to have to make some tough decisions.  We have to be careful as we could well be burying our heads in the sand and not really wanting to face our choices.  Heading into March it will be important for us to whip off that blindfold so we can really assess what’s going on then make logical decisions based on the facts.

So that’s what’s coming up in February. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and anecdotes on how this connected with you.  Feel free to comment below or email me david@tarotavenue.com

Bye for now. x

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