Podcast #7: Challenges I’ve Overcome Whilst Growing My Tarot Business

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I’ve written a post about this before but wanted to dive a bit deeper in this podcast episode.

I delve into the main challenges that I have faced with include:

  • Time management
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Overwhelm
  • Idea generation
  • Social media
  • Comparisonitis
  • Building a community

Listen to how I have overcome all (well most :-)) of these in this episode:


  1. David I found this very helpful to hear about your experiences.
    I can say I suffer from imposter syndrome and comparisonitis in a big way. I’m working on it.
    Also procrastination. I really want to do this full time but don’t have a plan as yet.
    Patience is important. I’m also reading Mindset..great book. So good to have a growth mindset.
    Your accent is very soft.
    I’m Irish myself..living in NY.
    Thanks for the podcast. PS I got your info on biddy…have completed that program and love the community.

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